Zigla! A Healthy Modern Eats

Now that I am into running as exercise, my next agenda for my healthy lifestyle is the food that I intake. It’s hard to choose healthy food! My mind often argues with my stomach brains! My mind tells me to eat healthy yet my stomach tells me to eat yummy but unhealthy eats! Confusing isn’t it? hehehe

zigla store

I was invited to a food stall opening at Robinson’s Magnolia in Quezon City. The food stall name is ZIGLA. As I understand the name Zigla, Zigla came from a tagalog word SIGLA meaning healthy or energetic. I think got it right.

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Zigla’s slogan – r.u.e.c (are you evolutionary correct) hmmmmmm I think it is time to get into it.

Zigla offers healthy food, Hi-fiber, essential fat and lean protein food. A little expensive but at least you know your food is healthy and tasty. I guess my problem is solved from my mind and stomach arguments. hehehe

From Healthy Pasta to Brown rice, From Mini Burgers to green salads and sandwiches.. they have them there. Their menu is a fusion of many cuisines.

They say that they have their own commissary where they prepare the sauces to standardize the taste then deliver them freshly to their store where they assemble the dish before giving the food to their customers. They do also have a special highly computerized oven to warm and cook the dish using parchment paper.

sigla oven

If you want to know more about healthy facts from Zigla, do try to visit them at Robinsons Magnolia food court in Quezon City.

You can click on my photos to see some facts they’ve prepared in eating healthy


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