Zest Air Review: 1 Out of 5 Stars

This blog post tells the story of my worst travel experience this year, courtesy of Zest Air.

I decided to write about this because I think there really is a need for Zest Air to change how they do their business, specially in the area of customer service.

I hope you will be patient enough to read through everything that happened that fateful night of October 18, 2010 in Bacolod.

I attended the MassKara 2010 festival and it was time for me to go home. My flight schedule for Bacolod to Manila was originally on October 18, 7:20 PM via Zest Air.

7:00 PM: Intercom announces that Zest Air flight will be delayed. Flight will be 8:00 PM.

8:00 PM: No announcements. Zest Air staff is nowhere in sight. Airstrip is empty. I thought our flight was 8:00 PM?!?

8:20 PM: Zest Air staff shows up, begins distributing dinner (One-piece Mang Inasal and warm Zesto) to passengers. They announced that our aircraft has just arrived (we know, we just saw it touch down).

9:00 PM: Airport intercom announces that our flight is ready for boarding. Passengers line up at the gate.

9:15 PM: No Zest Air staff in sight. Airport intercom announces that our Zest Air flight has been canceled. WTF?!?

The passengers immediately went to the Zest Air ticketing office to get an explanation of what just happened. We found the staff hiding locked inside the ticketing office, having a meeting.

9:30 PM: Zest Air Bacolod branch manager goes out. Announces that our plane had technical problems and would not be able to fly (pilot windshield cracked due to bird strike). We have to wait for the aircraft from Manila coming at 8:30 AM.

Okay, cool. So where’s our hotel accommodations?

9:45 PM: Branch manager makes phone calls to Manila office and then announces that they will not be providing hotel accommodations for the passengers. Instead, they just offered to give us P150 each so we can ride a taxi back to Bacolod city and try our luck in finding a place to spend the night.

Passengers in chaos, disbelieve and disgust.

10:00 PM: Zest Air staff begins to bring out our luggage at their check-in counter. Told us to go out once we get our bags because the airport is now closing.

10:20 PM: All bags have been distributed and guess what, none of the passengers went out. Everyone stayed and camped inside. Airport now looked like a refugee camp. Security looked like they’re now on alert for possible riot (several guards came and patrolled the area).

Meanwhile, during all this time – some of the passengers talked to the Zest Air branch manager and tried to fight for hotel accommodations despite earlier decision by Manila office not to give us any.

11:30 PM: Finally, after more than an hour of chaos and showing “civil disobedience” inside the airport (LOL) – the passengers were told by the Zest Air branch manager that she has been given the authority to provide hotel accommodations.

12:20 AM: The last shuttle carrying the Zest Air passengers left the airport and began their 30-minute long trip to the hotel pension house. (Yes, the airport is that far from the city and I was one of the last passengers to get on the shuttle service).

1:30 AM: Just finished taking a bath and was ready to get some rest. I set my phone to alarm at 5:00 AM. Shuttle service will come for us by 6:00 AM.

2:30 AM: Everyone started to receive phone calls that our flight is now at 4:00 AM and the shuttle service will be back for us by 3:00 AM. Still half-asleep, I organized my stuff and got ready.

3:30 AM: Arrived at the airport, which is still closed. WTF?!?

4:00 AM: Airport finally opens. Zest Air staff announces that our flight is 6:30 AM. While we all lined up to check in our bags once again, some passengers expressed their opinion that Zest Air might have only paid for a 3-hour stay that’s why they had to lie about the 4:00 AM flight schedule. I agree with the conspiracy theory.

6:30 AM: No announcements. Zest Air staff is nowhere in sight. I thought our flight was 6:30 AM?!?

7:00 AM: We saw a Zest Air plane arrive. Intercom announces the arrival of our aircraft. Zest Air flight attendants and pilots arrive at the terminal – all fresh and well-rested, but trying to avoid eye contact from the passengers who are all looking at them in disdain. LOL.

7:40 AM: Intercom announces that we are ready for boarding.

8:30 AM: Thirteen hours and 10 minutes after our original flight schedule. I finally begin my journey back to Manila. Thank you Zest Air.

And just in case you’re thinking that this is just an isolated case, I must tell you this is not the first time that bad customer service from Zest Air happened to me.

Read the story of my Cebu-Manila Zest Air flight through Byahilo here:
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Still not convinced? What about this Iloilo-Manila Zest Air story from BatangYagit:
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Zest Air Review: 1 out of 5 stars: a not-so-refreshing airline.


67 Responses to “ “Zest Air Review: 1 Out of 5 Stars”

  1. May pictures pa talaga, lol. grabeh naman, Zest Air does suck.

  2. Glenn Ong says:

    Thirteen hours delayed?! Disgusting! Boo Zest Air!

  3. Jenn says:

    Buti may binigay ka pang 1 star. 🙂

    Based on the “horror” stories I’ve read, seems problem is always with the flight going back to Manila. Good thing we decided not to get a ticket back to Manila from Busuanga from Zest Air, kung hindi, baka ganito rin mangyari. (Our Manila-Busuanga flight was okay, though)

    Nakaka-sira ng bakasyon ang mga ganitong hassles sa travel. I am now more convinced not to take Zest Air when traveling by air. Thanks for the blog post.

  4. dax73 says:

    thanks jen! hahaha binigyan ko sila ng 1 star dahil hindi naman kami nasiraan sa ere.. naibalik naman ako sa manila ng buo at kumpleto. ngunit… yun nga lang.. DELAYED sha

    glen: yes! sana nga nakapag gala pa kami ng bacolod.


    Photoblogger: now i know how exciting to be a press photographer. kulang na lang ibato ko ang D90 ko sa management! buti na lang love ko ang cam ko.

  5. Micamyx says:

    Ay, haggardo verzosa! Parang nakaka-stress mag-work sa Zest Air kung hindi refreshing ang patakaran haha

  6. AudreyRose says:

    grabe delayed na delayed talaga sila. and to think twice mo na to naexperience with them. hays!saludo ako sayo! ikaw na. documented talaga with photo as proof pa 🙂

  7. dax73 says:

    mica: no wonder wala ng magaganda na nag wowork sa kanila dahil nakaka sira ng image ang pinag gagagawa ng management nila. TANGGAL ANG BEAUTY MO!

    Auds: sa totoo lang pangatlo na yan. thats the reason why nilbas ko na ang cam ko this time dahil hindi na ito coincidence! habit na nila ito!

  8. csseyah says:

    pasaway na zest air talaga!!! basta kumita lang ayos na sila. hindi man lang bigyan ng importansya ang customer service nila.

    Malamang lamang baka mawawala na sila sa ere! …

  9. pEDo says:

    what the heck?!!!

  10. jehzlau says:

    hahahaa! cool yung last pic! haha! 😀

    pwede na to gawing entry sa contest ko.. qualified na at may backlink na to batangyagit.com

    leave mo lang URL. teehee.. 😀

  11. andre calizo says:

    I hope it won’t happen to me this coming January 2011 – my return flight to Manila is via this unlamented airline. btw, your pic should have shown your hands giving a thumbs-down sign he he 🙂

  12. Gwapito says:

    As the famous saying goes “You get what you pay for”. It is usually this way: cheap price = cheap service.

  13. It truly was a horrible experience you went through. We had a near same thing happen to us with our Air Philippines flight of Manila to Puerto Princesa. What is wrong with the Philippine Airline industry?! Maybe our politicians should impose a stricter law on them to prevent all these. Wait, they probably have the politicians for them. Never mind. You could have rated Zest Air 0 out of 5. Great last pic! It says it all.

  14. Precious2006 says:

    oh my..i want to cancel and refund my booking next year…so disgusting!!!

  15. jehzlau says:

    “they just offered to give us P150 each so we can ride a taxi back to Bacolod city and try our luck in finding a place to spend the night.” – damn!

    tapos nag pension house nga kayo pero 3 hours lang.. grabe.. waaaaaaaaaah!

    Horrible experience nga to… hirap pumili ng winner.. hmmmmmmm..

  16. jehzlau says:

    You just won 10k petot! O__O

  17. nursingmania says:

    Wow! Congratulations! merry ng xmas mo.. 🙂

  18. csseyah says:

    Congrats Bro 🙂 astig ng experience mo 🙂 God Bless You…You Won 10,000 hehehehe 🙂

  19. dax73 says:

    whoa!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MALIGAY ANG PASKO KO, SA IYO JEHZLAU AT SA INYONG LAHAT!!!!!!!

  20. Noynoy says:

    Congratulations for winning the contest; You deserve it! Astig! ;-Merry Christmas! to all of us!

  21. Jebs says:

    So far, I never experienced a 13-hour delayed flight. Well, thanks for posting this. I nearly booked a flight from Cebu to Manila but when I browsed the Internet and saw your entry, I decided not to push through with my bookings with this airline. Instead I booked a flight from a safe and reliable airline -PAL. From now on I’ll stick to PAL even though it is expensive but worth it. Thanks again for posting 🙂

    – Jebs (Cebu)

  22. chyng says:

    it’s not just “hindi sha bongga!” , nakaka-higblood sya! grabe!

  23. travelling mom says:

    i was planning to book a filght with them next month to go to puerto princesa. good thing i came across this reveiw. thanks for posting. i hope zest air would do something about this

  24. Barry says:

    I greatly appreciate your review. You just saved me a possible disaster. I will be flying to the Philippines for my first time in May and was considering using ZestAir for my Manila to Tacloban connection. Again, thank you for this review. I think I will not be using a domestic service now.

  25. Bob says:

    Aba eh, talagang horrible nga. Hehehe no comment na ito ang nanalo sa contest ni Jehz. Congrats.

  26. dax73 says:

    Thanks bob!

  27. dax says:

    there are still planes here that flies going to tacloban. cebu pacific, airphilexpress and PAL. Tacloban is one of the great places here in the Philippines to visit. You can check this out if you want https://bonggaba.com/things-to-do-in-leyte.html
    I think we do also have plans in going back to eastern visayas by May.
    If you are interested in going around tacloban, you may inquire at Sudoy Ha Leyte c/o Leyte Gulf Travel and Tours to tour you around,

    email address : [email protected]

    tel. nos 053-5237966 or 053-3217966

    thanks again barry!

  28. Jayson1925 says:

    Kung nagkataon pala na nag Barko ka nauna ka pa pala sa kanila…Bad Experience!!!…sa mga kababayan ko. never be entice by their Promo…pls. read the history of this company in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zest_Airways where it shows the history of Incidents and Accidents….

  29. Jem says:

    Whoa! I just read this. I was in that same flight in Oct. Ang saya pa naman ng stay ko sa Bacolod only to be spoiled by that horrible 13-hour ordeal with Zest Air. I was one of those that stayed at the airport until a hotel was provided. I only had the chance to shower and sleep for 15-30mins. It’s sad because I was happy with Zest Air. Previous flights were always on time and without hassle.

  30. dax73 says:

    hasel diba? ok lang sakin if it happened only once. pangatlo na ito eh.

  31. laurice says:

    good thing nabasa ko ‘to agad!! i was thinking of zest air pa naman for my flight to tagbilaran! thanks for info about the airline! =)

  32. Terry T says:

    zest air office website can’t be opened?! Why? Anybody knows the reason?
    We booked on this site for flight in March. Worrying about this airline company when learned so much experiences from here.

  33. m says:

    now i’m scared. i just booked round trip ticktes from dvo and manila for april. and they were NOT CHEAP. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    and they haven’t even emailed my eticket yet! ARGH.

  34. dax73 says:

    Oh! Nangyari na rin saakin san. Nag book ako ng flight and the ticket didn’t arrived. Ao what I did was, I called pa my credit card office to track kung pumasok ang transaction, and it did naman daw. So I called zestair hotline at nakipag debate pa to check my transaction… In short, they told me to wait and have it verified. After 30mins, they called and found my transaction (buti naman) and they emaied me at once. Kaso.. Iba na ang presho.. Mas mababa na ng hundred pesos ang nakalagay s new bill ko. (talo ako dahil mas mataas ng hundred pesos ang binayaran ko) eto natutunana ko, isulat kaagad ang transaction code na lumabas sa web para hindi hassle sa pag tatalo sa kanila. :-{

  35. Jeff Row says:

    Imagine if I booked for a scheduled Quezon City marathon on Dec 4, 2011.
    Good thing I read your blog. I was earlier tempted to book for a flight from Ilo to Mla.
    Cheap?? Not with the amount of stress it contributes.
    I could well end up with a messed schedule.
    Thanks for the info.

  36. cirE says:

    What about the other airlines?i have nearly same experience with the others…

  37. dax73 says:

    yup! we’ve also experienced that also to them but zestair still has the poorest customer service so far. sana hindi mag sipagayahan ang ibang airlines.

  38. manny says:

    they dont even deserve a one star…..

  39. Dino says:

    how sad to hear about this Inc …each of us should know customers it’s very important for us specially when our bussiness it’s about hospitality, airline company, tourism, restaurant…customers it’s our king we shoul much improve our mistake showing our best to them ..so we will not loss our passenger

  40. exopius says:

    flew with zestair last july 2010 to kalibo and didn’t have any problems/delays whatsoever with them, the plane used was very old though pero nakadating naman kami safely. Going back to manila we used a different plane (new one), no problems as well. Just hope that they just keep on improving if you guys have bad experiences.

  41. c says:

    I flew on this airline last year from Cebu to Manila on the oldest and dirtiest A320 on which I have ever flown. There was a passenger standing in the aisle on takeoff,a young child standing unrestrained on his mothers lap for a window view of the departure to which the crew were totally oblivious.My (borrowed) luggage was missing its strap on collection.There was nobody from the company to assist and no baggage irregularity form available (unlike in the rest of the world) and I was directed to the ticket office in a nearby building.After 30 minutes of explaining the staff directed me to the cargo office…cargo office? I asked why…well just an attempt to pass the buck,after all if it is not their problem then its my problem…diba? Then I was given the name of the customer service representative and office phone numbers. I called the first number,asked for the person and was told that nobody of that name worked for the airline,I called the second number and was given the first number! I finally emailed and got the usual condescending irritating reply….sorry for the inconvenience,all attempts were made to locate your luggage,thank you for flying with us and we hope to welcome you again soon….yakyakyak,bolabolabola etc etc…well it will be a cold day in hell when I ever board their plane again….the company should stick to making their flavored juice drinks in little plastic containers

  42. mnel says:

    I was trying to convince my boyfriend and my mom of getting Zest Air for our trip to Davao next month and both of them are against it – without even reading your blog! =P I decided to look around for comments and landed on your page. Looks like they win. I’d rather pay extra than receive a hundred “Told you so”s from both of them. Hehe. Thanks!

  43. Earl says:

    I flew with Zest Air Last April 30, 2011. It was a very pleasant Manila to Bacolod flight. I was expecting a slight delay, and was delighted when we were asked to board about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

    Even with the busy queueing on NAIA’s runway, we were able to take off about 10 minutes early. I was even more surprised when our flight managed to arrive 15 minutes earlier than its ETA.

    I don’t know if I was just lucky, but it seems that Zest Air is making up big time for its frequent delays in its previous years of operation. Its also interesting to note that I have not read of any recent reviews pertaining to such horrendous delays associated with the airline.

    I was fortunate enough to fly in one of their newer A320’s. (RP C8989, just about 3 years old according to the research I did on Zest Air’s fleet). The A320 I flew in had 6 seats per row (3 per side) unlike the usual 5 seats per row (3 on the left and 2 on the right) of the other A320’s operated by PAL, Ceb Pac and Airphil. Legroom was also considerably better compared to the A320’s of the other airlines. I could immediately tell that it was a bigger A320, because the distance of the window seat from the window itself was farther than it usually was when I flew with the other airlines. The cabin crew dressed in more professional attires, but I noticed the lack of smiles. It didn’t really matter as they were very good in making sure that everyone had their phones turned off before take off. I am absolutely disgusted by people who disregard that precaution. Cellphones indeed interfere with aircraft communications, and those little interferences could become the cause of accidents brought about by miscommunication. The leather-wrapped seats were very comfortable, and the cabin had no undesirable odors or materials whatsoever.

    I would also like to point out that the average age of Zest Air’s A320 fleet is quite impressive. They have 2 A320’s below 4 years old, and the rest of the A320 fleet is just about 8 years old. The numbers are very good considering that the average age of British Airways’ A320 fleet is 11. Note that British Airways has a very good safety record. Contrary to the irrational notion of Zest Air not being safe, there is nothing to be scared about with regards to their A320 fleet. On a personal note however, I do have some doubts with their Xian MA 60’s. Even with today’s strict aircraft manufacturing requirements, I’d prefer European planes over Chinese ones any day. If ever I’ll need to travel short routes serviced by smaller aircraft, i’d go for the ATR’s of Cebu Pacific or PAL. For the longer domestic routes serviced by A320’s however, I highly recommend Zest Air. I’d most likely fly with them more frequently. I honestly think that they deserve opportunities to grow as an airline. Their growth will only translate to stiffer competition between the airlines, and will consequently yield better fares.

  44. dax73 says:

    thanks earl for sharing your experience with zestair. We also experience that too last year on our way back to manila from iloilo. siguro nga naka chamba lang talaga kami that time. they were really ahead of time as in 10 mins ahead. we were all prepared for the worst actually, hand carried our things na pwedeng pag palipasan ng oras while waiting if ever maging disaster ulit ang flight namin.
    sa mga upuan naman ng zestair, as to compare to the other domestic airline, yes! mas malaki nga ng di hamak ang legroom nila. hindi ko pala namention sa nangyari saamin sa cebu, meh flying cockroach sa loob ng cabin! and tama ka! mamahalin ang ngiti nila… hehehe
    I just hope they continue their good service at sana hindi na maulit ang tatlong sunod sunod na delayed disaster na nangyari saamin last year.

  45. Robert says:

    We won’t ever, ever, ever repeat in flying with ZESTAIR. The ST in ZEST stands for Super Tardy! Our great vacation at Coron last weekend was capped off by a 3 hour delay! And to think we paid the regular fare and not the promo. The previous comments here are true, it has the poorest of the poorest customer service. Looks like management isn’t in the quality service thing. IT SUCKS BIG TIME!

  46. dp says:

    i know the feeling. i was one of the crew that brought the aircraft to Bacolod on that fateful morning. your original aircraft experienced a bird strike on approach to bacolod and the windshield cracked. Just a little trivia here: the bird strike happened at 7000 feet.

  47. Beth says:

    Naku! its my second time to fly with Zest Air this year for Manila-Kalibo-Manila this coming September. First time was in 2009 pa. Hope it will be okay… 🙁

  48. Emily says:

    Shame on Pest Air.
    Sorry, I sneezed. I meant Zest Air 🙂
    But Pest Air sounds more ideal for some shameful airline company.

  49. rex says:

    tnx for this blog…was about to reserve two tickets tonight for our flight back after the xmas vacation from cdo…my premonitions are correct as to why all their daily flight during this coming xmas period don’t have a single “sold out” status despite the low price…good thing i did open first google and typed “zest air review”…

  50. juncay says:

    Oh oh! I booked this airline for my home trip to Cebu in 2 weeks.

    I am now inclined in booking my Cebu-Manila again on another airline. I cannot afford missing my Manila-Shanghai flight.

    Thank you for sharing this. I wish I read this blog earlier. 🙁

  51. ching says:




  52. ching says:

    oh by the way. i filed a complain pagdating namin dito Manila and sabi nitong supervisor na to follow up daw —- 4days na wala padin…PEST AIR!

  53. Khey says:

    Last February 2011, I booked a July flight via Zest Air, for a change lang ng airline and to just try their service. My bad, I’ve booked another flight (October Travel), kahit di ko pa natetest ang service nila.

    July, 2011 – Manila-Bacolod
    The night before the flight, I received a text from Zest Air that my flight from 8am will be moved to 2PM. Upon checking and waiting…, there was an announcement that flight will be at 3PM… Pero 4PM na kami nakalipad. Delay na nadelay pa…

    Tomorrow is my 2nd flight with Zest Air going to Kalibo. Just a couple of hours ago, I received a text from them again that my supposed to be 12:10pm flight will be at 2PM tomorrow and the flight back to Manila is moved from 305PM to 150PM….

    The service really suck… Although this will be my last booking (swear) with Zest Air, I don’t plan to keep the ticket as souvenir.

  54. beige says:


    We just had a trip yesterday from Bellaroca, Marinduque to Manila.
    Flight was delayed for 3 hours, we left Marinduque at 4PM.
    My boyfriend’s bag can’t fit at the overhead baggage area so we gave it to the stewardess to keep.
    When we got home my boyfriend discovered it’s stolen, plus his bag’s zipper was damaged probably due to the hurry of the stewardess.
    We can’t remember her name but we can recognize her if we see her again.
    I know it’s our responsibility to check after she gave it to us.
    When you’re boarding off the plan all you can think of is go home especially when you’re already tired.
    Also passengers should be rest assured that their baggages are safe with whom they travel with.
    We can buy another one again, it’s the TRUSTWORTHINESS and the feeling of VULNERABILITY once we ride a plane now that gets to us.
    We have written 2 complaints, 1 to Zestair and 1 to Bellaroca because it’s the only airline that flies there and we believe management needed to know that this happens and might happen again to their guests.
    We plan on pursuing this complaint wherever it takes us for the benefit of other passengers like us.
    When we travel we should be relaxed and worry-free.


  55. tiff k says:

    REALLY awesome blog! Great (ironically) review. This settles our trip for Bora, it’ll be Airphil na 🙂 thanks! I do hope Zestair fixes itself. I mean they do have great fares but with this much of a hassle, it’s not worth it!

  56. Paul says:

    Hi guys,

    Did you ever consider the weather condition?. As i read your complaints with Zest Air, yes you may probably conclude that there’s operational problem happened but as i read comments of the three airlines. Same day, dame delay happened rescheduling of flights due to a weather condition and some are the NAIA or ATO traffic problems that one to three airlines could not land.

  57. dax73 says:

    in our case… condition was great… maiintindihan namin ang weather condition pero ang nakakainis lang ay all airlines were leaving on time.. sha lang ang hindi. BIRD STRIKE? sana sinabi na lang samin kung ano talaga nangyari.. maiintidihan pa namin yun at hindi yung hourly na lang kami sasabihan sa airport na delayed po 1hr na walang reason delayed po delayed po… diba? nakakainis? nakikita mo na yung plane mo sa labas pero hindi na alis at walang action na pinapakita. reason? they were waiting for manila’s decision for us! geesh!

  58. apple says:

    BULOK ANG SERVICES ng zest air. it is always delayed!!!!! pabago bago ang departure time. sana magbigay sila ng advice ahead of time. kasama pa naman ang 95 year old na lola ko. the departure time is supposed to be 7am then 8am then 9am then finally 12pm. bakit ganun? ano kaya ang mali sa sistema ng zest air. they should not be selling tickets which they cannot accomodate.

  59. RHIO says:

    dapat pala nagreview muna ako ng mga comments bago ako nagbook sa zest air….

  60. Alvin says:

    bacolod go to manila. how much ticket?

  61. blue andre says:

    First time in zestair flight to marinduque. IM very disappointed with zest air DELAYED FL IGHT. Will never book again with zestair.

  62. Carl says:

    Zest should not have a license for transporting people or animals. Perhaps they can be allowed to transport goods, but then you never know when you receive the stuff you have ordered. Why is it already too much for Zest to confirm your booking via email? When you made the mistake and book than you may experience how people can be treated without respect and dignity. My partner booked a flight from Manila to Tagbilaran for Thursday, 26.04.12 scheduled to leave Manila at 01:30 pm. In reality the plane was leaving at 11:00 pm without the passengers were provided with a proper announcement or inviting them for a snack or even a drink. It is no secret even for Zest Air that at this time of the day there will be no connecting transport and many of the passengers had to stay overnight at the airport in Tagbilaran. Today on Sunday, 29.04.12 the plane was supposed to leave at 1:00 am. At 01:00 pm the passengers were told to come the next day, telling the passengers there would be no flight today without offering them any compensation.

  63. jing trivino- tolentino says:

    Thanks Don, for your blog. I was one click away from purchasing our tkts to Tacloban for the long weekend in Nov- 2012. No wonder they’re the only airline with seats left to any domestic flts offering promo fares. I started to wonder!! Smart me to read you blog… viola!! I found the perfect review. Too good to be true, Zest Air!! Regards. BTW, great blogs on Bongga ba?? Keep up the good job! T. Jing

  64. vegie says:

    Just flew with philipine air they changed the flight time 3 times before i even got to the airport ALL airlines have problems/delays Its not fair to un down a company based on just one experience.
    Just curiouse how some of these comments suggest the airline left early on some flights thats a far worse situation if its true leaving passengers arriving on time behind ??

  65. Traveler says:

    Sa lahat ng mga UNHAPPY Zest Air passengers/customers…..please dito kayo mag COMPLAIN para may action gawin ang Zest Air. Pag di kayo sumulat dito, walang makaka alam sa mga maling gawain ng Zest Air.

    Please write to
    [email protected] – Civil Aeronautics Board (Attention: Legal Division)
    [email protected] – Zest Airways, Inc. (Attention: Ms Krizanna Villarde/Mr Butch L Rodriguez)
    [email protected] – Office of Torism Standards and Regulation (Attention: Director Maria Rica C Bueno)
    The Civil Aeronautics Board will ensure Zest Air will answer to any of your complaints.


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