Zensai Spa & Dr. Fish (Fish Doctor)

Want to get a new way to enjoy your spa experience? Then try the Fish Doctor pedicure! This pedicure makes you dip your feet in a tank of water with tiny fishes that nibble your toe’s dead skin cells!

Zensai Spa

The tiny fishes are harmless because they are toothless. Fishes uses their powerful sucking lips to suck away dead skin. This will also stimulate your acupuncture points and modulate the nervous system that causes your body to relax and helps you release your fatigue.

Dr Fish at work

Garra Rufa (Doctor Fish) are unique bottom-feeding freshwater fish usually found living in Middle East. The mineral content and the warmth of the water they live in creates a scarcity of food.

It is believed that because of the limited availability of food, the Doctor fish (Garra Rufa) have developed their unusual behavior of nibbling dead skin cells from people in the water.

Gara Rufa Fish

Wanting to have this kind of experience? You can visit them at Zensai Spa at BF Homes in Paranaque city along Aguirre.


This is Me! Experiencing Dr. Fish Bonggang Pedicure!

7 Responses to “ “Zensai Spa & Dr. Fish (Fish Doctor)”

  1. Pads says:

    Wow! what’s the feeling? looking forward to try that hehehe XD

  2. Aris Anonas says:

    The article is incomplete!

    Where is this located??????

  3. dax73 says:

    its along Aguirre lang aris…. i forgot the number of the place. basta in between el grande ave and pres ave lang yan/

  4. Zensai Spa says:

    276 Aguirre Ave. Phase 3 BF Homes Paranaque City
    For Reservations: 825-1531/09164557423

    We are open for Christmas SPArty and other SPArties!!

  5. darqueangel says:

    wow ang sarap naman nito!!! kakakakiliti siguro yan.. hhihi

  6. chocolate says:

    i always like going to Zensai spa since they opened..i like the ambiance and the relaxing massage…i go there 2 times a week..i guess its better to get an appoinment for your sure pleasure..its 8251531..i love their foot spa too…so reviving!!

  7. maricar says:

    ahhh…so 2009 pa lang meron na nito fish spa

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