Why brushing is not enough

Brushing alone they say is not enough to ensure proper oral hygiene. To make sure that you have clean, strong teeth and gums, you not only need a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss – you also need the right mouthwash.

Practicing good oral hygiene has benefits that extend beyond having clean, strong teeth and gums. Such benefits include preventing bad breath, cavities and swollen and bleeding gums (gingivitis).

One person committed to his oral hygiene habits is Rex Atienza, a celebrity and fashion stylist. He practically lives on the go, so he always has his oral kit with him in his car.

“I work seven days a week. A lot of times, I work from 6 in the evening until 6 in the morning of the following day. I usually don’t have the luxury of coming home after work. So I need to have my toiletries, my grooming kit and my oral care kit with me constantly.

“Oral hygiene is something I cannot compromise since I work with movie stars, fashion models, fashion editors, etc. and it would be unprofessional if I speak to them and my breath isn’t pleasant. Even when I’m constantly on the go, I still always manage to brush and floss (my teeth) and use a mouthwash.

“I also love to eat spicy food. I just enjoy it a lot. In my experience, brushing and flossing aren’t enough to make sure that the mouth odors are eliminated. With OraCare, I feel more confident, more assured that my mouth doesn’t only feel fresh and clean, but also smells pleasant,” says Rex.

No to painful gargles

Rex switched to OraCare because he didn’t like his painful experience with his previous mouthwash. “I heard about OraCare through TV and print ads. So when I went to the grocery one time, I decided to get a bottle and try it. I’ve never gone back to my old mouthwash since then. Honestly, I really hate the stinging sensation in my old mouthwash. OraCare is very gentle and easy to use. Just gargle for 60 seconds and that’s it,” he says.

Strong mouth odors may be caused by the food we eat, especially spicy food. Certain foods like onions and garlic have odor molecules that are that are composed of sulfur compounds that produce strong, unpleasant mouth odors. Bacteria in the mouth also produce volatile sulfur compounds that we smell as bad breath.

OraCare does not use alcohol so it does not cause any stinging sensation. Rather, it uses Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide that not only kills odor-causing mouth bacteria but also neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds produced by bacteria as well as the sulfur compounds in spicy food. The Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide in OraCare releases oxygen that breaks down volatile sulfur compounds, eliminating bad breath at the source.

When spice isn’t nice

The limitations of brushing teeth versus strong mouth odors also became evident for Jordan Kate Bakani, who works as a pre-school teacher.

“I love food that has lots of garlic, like Italian food, for example. I also like Persian food that is spicy and tends to leave strong odors in the mouth. As a teacher of pre-schoolers, I have to work closely with 3 to 5 year-old children. So you can’t have any of them telling their parents that teacher has stinky breath. In my experience, brushing is not always enough to get rid of strong mouth odors,” she said.

Jordan says she’s been using OraCare for a year already, since she decided to get rid of her old mouthwash. “The other mouthwashes I tried were all too strong for me. The alcohol kept stinging my mouth. I didn’t like the strong flavors, either. They made gargling with mouthwash a chore,” she says.

With OraCare, Jordan says that gargling with a mouthwash has become a pleasant activity. She always keeps a bottle handy so she can use it as needed.

“For me, it was perfect. OraCare was just what I needed! I love it because it doesn’t only get rid of the strong mouth odors from my food, it also leaves me feeling cool, clean and fresh. I also love how it doesn’t sting my mouth like regular mouthwashes, and it has a mild, pleasant taste,” she says.

OraCare is the smarter choice for proper mouth care. Using OraCare with the right toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste and regular visits to the dentist can help ensure strong, clean and healthy teeth and gums, and a pleasant breath that won’t turn other people off. Oracare Mouthrinse (in Regular and Cool flavors) and Oracare Toothpaste are available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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