What to do in Bohol

I do agree on their tourism slogan — Fantastica Bohol.

The place is so great that it met or perhaps surpassed my expectations. Everything was magnificent. Bohol houses, the finest beaches, a beautiful man-made forest, the majestic Chocolate Hills, and the tarsier, which is the smallest primates in the world, to name a few.

There are many things Bohol is known for, not just the tarsier and the Chocolate Hills. Like this beautiful man-made forest.

When you get there, you may want to visit the old baroque styled churches, taste the original broas (lady fingers) of Osangs, shop at Senen and Irma furniture, and dine in Chocolate Tablea Shop.

And there are a lot of old churches there, like the Dauis Church.

Tourism service is available at the airport. You may decide to take tour packages from them to take you around Bohol. Most hotels and resorts also offer package tours. My friends and I chose to avail of our hotel’s tourism services.

Ang BONGGA dito!

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