What Makes Kenny Rogers Roasters Different?

Before, whenever I’m hungry and craving for roasted chicken, Kenny Rogers Roasters always come to my mind first. I can’t help it because they’re really different. I think they’re the only fast food restaurant that serves really good roast chicken; not to mention the corn muffins that I really love.

For the past few months, I’ve tried to be really cautious of what I eat and you know how hard it can be to find a fast-food restaurant that serves healthy food. If you want to eat healthy, then you have to go to those expensive specialty restaurants.

Good thing that there’s Kenny Rogers Roasters, one of the very few fast food restaurants that have healthy value meals. They have complete healthy meals that range from P120 up to P175 only – very affordable.

Currently, there are the six healthy meals that you can order at Kenny Rogers Roasters:

  • Classic Healthy Plate: 1/4 Roast Chicken, Vegetable salad and Fruit salad – best for weight maintenance
  • High Fiber: Grilled Chicken Fillet, Fruit and Vegetable salad and Corn on the Cob – a fiber rich set for system regulation
  • Light & Easy: Roast Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Noodle Soup – a quick and guilt-free meal
  • Low Calorie: Grilled Fish, Steamed Vegetables and Garlic rice – great meal for the weight conscious and calorie counters
  • High Protein: 1/4 Roast Chicken, Tuna Salad and steam rice – for those trying to build some muscle
  • All Veggie: Choice of solo salad, regular side dish, and chicken noodle soup – a treat for vegetarians

Aside from these healthy plates, there’s also something new I discovered at Kenny Roger Roasters – and that is their Hainanese Chicken.

Hainanese Chicken is a very well known Singaporean dish. And what you get in Kenny Rogers Roasters is a juicy, tender, “fall-off-the-bone” chicken with aromatic and flavor-infused Hainanese rice that is served with ginger, chili and dark sweet soy sauces.

The chicken is poached so it’s still very healthy for you. Plus it comes with a bowl of soup so you will feel full sooner without eating much.

And a healthy meal deserves a healthy dessert – and good thing that Kenny Roger Roasters now serve Yoghurt Ice Cream!

We all know that yoghurt is healthy but unfortunately, it can also be expensive. But not in Kenny’s because their biggest cup is just P55. How cheap is that?!

So the next time you’re craving for fast food but you want to eat healthy. Try Kenny Rogers Roasters.


2 Responses to “ “What Makes Kenny Rogers Roasters Different?”

  1. al arguelles says:

    hmmm bongga nga.. its been a while.. 🙂 makadaan nga ng kenny rogers later hehee

  2. hmmm bongga nga.. its been a while.. makadaan nga ng kenny rogers later hehee

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