What Happiness Means To Me

Happiness means a lot of things to me. But more often than not, happiness for me is when I get to do the things that I love.

Like traveling to many different places around the country and abroad.

And of course, shopping and buying “pasalubong” whenever I travel.

I also love cooking and baking.

As well as eating of course! I think everyone is happy when they eat! 😀

But happiness to me is more than just doing the things that you love, it’s also spending time with your loved ones – specially if your family is as crazy as mine.

Why am I talking about happiness today?

It’s because I’m now in Tagaytay, spending time at the Happiness Boot Camp with other bloggers. We were invited by Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions, Inc. (CLIS) who is now searching for the HAPPIEST PINOY of 2012!

Who is the Happiest Pinoy?

They are Filipinos who, despite life’s challenges and difficulties, have managed to maintain a positive outlook in life. With a smile on their face, they go through life’s obstacles with resilience, faith and optimism.

Who are eligible to be the Happiest Pinoy? Any Filipino, 10 years old and above, with good moral character and residing in the Philippines.

If chosen by CLIS as the Happiest Pinoy, he or she will win P250,000.00 and a Trophy; while Nine (9) Runners-Up will each receive P25,000.00 each and a Trophy – all tax free! 😀

For more details, check out www.happiest-pinoy.com. Hurry, the deadline for nominations are on July 31, 2012.


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  1. Micamyx says:

    Yay ngayon ko lang nakita ‘tong bonggang happy post! Na-miss tuloy kita 🙂

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