Visita Iglesia – Churches of Pampanga

If you are planning for a visita Iglesia in Pampanga, maybe this is an ideal route of some famous old churches to be visited. One thing we’ve noticed on Pampanga’s famous old churches is, majority of them does not have the NHI (National Historical Institute) marker or metal thing displayed at the front or entrance of the church


Make sure you got an ice chest filled with bottled water and sodas along when you travel. Oh yes! bring chips too! because travelling Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) is kinda borring thou there are lots of gasoline stations for stop overs, but when you get inside Pampanga, rare na ang mga ma bibilhan ng mga water, chips and sodas. Just make sure you’ve done everything before you exit NLEX.

You have to leave very very early to finish the trip on time and just to avoid the monstrous traffic jams on your way back home to Manila.


Tip: We designed this route for guys that will be coming from Manila. Must start at the farthest point and end at the nearest exit going to manila. In our route plan, the farthest point is Angeles City, and the nearest point to Manila is Santa Rita. The trip is ideally designed for a whole day activity.
Here is the list of some famous old churches to be visited during Visita Iglesia in Pampanga.


Click church link to see more photos of the old churches of Pampanga

Angeles – Holy Rosary Parish Church

San Fernando – San Fernando Rey Parish Church

Bacolor – San Guillermo Parish Church

Betis, Guagua – Santiago Apostol (St. James the Apostle) Parish Church

Guagua -Immaculate Conception Parish

Lubao – Saint Agustine Parish Church

Santa Rita – Santa Rita de Casia Parish Church

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  1. Van Vergara says:

    1. Traffic will be bad at the tollgates. Leave early. It will be a breeze going back to Manila.
    2. There are many stores selling cold bottled water.
    3. Instead of chips, try the local delicacies like the kakanin. Delicious!
    4. There are many good carinderias and restaurants open during the holy week. Abe’s Farm at the foot of Mt. Arayat is highly recommended for the good food and ambiance.

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