Unlimited Email Happiness from Globe Tattoo

Globe Tattoo UnliMAIL lets you send and receive emails at home, on the beach, at the mall, or from anywhere else you like. Even email attachments can’t stop you; download or view them as you please with no hassles. And you can hook up with your current web-based inboxes like Yahoo! Mail, GMAIL, Windows Live, or your office Microsoft Outlook email. No smartphones, no laptops, no internet shops needed. You can be the consummate professional, always in the know even while on the go.

Globe Chief Marketing Officer Menchi Orlina says, “As we see it, we are not just a phone service, not just an internet or email provider; we are an enabler, the brand that helps young people express who they are and enjoy every facet of their digital lifestyle. With Globe Tattoo our job is not just to put together offers that people will want to try.

It’s also about blasting through the old limitations of calling, texting or emailing, and re-defining the experience so that Tattoo users get not just the best possible deal and a rich experience that really delights them and keeps them plugged into everything they love.”

Globe Tattoo has made mobile fun easier and more affordable than it’s ever been. Get Tattooed and get set for unlimited happiness. Text UNLIMAIL to 8888 to download the UnliMAIL application for FREE or visit www.globe.com.ph/unlimail for more info.

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