Twenty One Plates of BF Homes Paranaque

We just got curious about this place, its been there since 2009 and we never had a chance to try them till last night. The place looks simple but different. It got lots of rooms inside, not a typical restaurant.

They said it used to be a house then converted into an office then a restaurant. Cozy restaurant where you can have a private party.

Twenty One Plates got lots food choices, but then we have to ask them for their specialty for us to try. We got Spicy Kalabasa for our soup which it tasted different from the commercial ones.

Got also Bo’s Kaldereta which they say it was different because it was cooked in a crock pot (slow cooker) on coconut milk (gata) and it taste really good! Take note! Since its Kaldereta, its a bit spicy and the serving is good for two.

Got another another dish for my partner and he got Indonesian Fried Chicken. It taste good too! I think Indonesian Fried Chicken was
marinated to some Indonesian spices then it comes also with a special Spicy Indonesian sauce.

This is me again together with the food we ordered.

By the way guys! You can click the images to enlarge!

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