Twenty One Plates – Revisited

I made a visit again to Twenty One Plates because of my cravings on their house specialties. The Bo’s Caldereta and the Indonesian Fried Chicken is what I’m really after. Good thing these recipes are still there!

During my visit, we had a little chit chat with the chef/owner of the restaurant and introduce us to some new set meals and running promotions. This Valentine’s season, the restaurant offers three different moods associated with romance – meaning, new meal viands for this special occation.

The Moods of Romance

  • Under the Mushy and Cheesy set, includes Flaky Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Tart for appetizer, Baked Penne with Leaks and Cheddar for the Main and Chocolate and Cream Cheese Cupcake for dessert. These set cost 850 Pesos.
  • The Hot & Fiery has something Naked Hakao for starter, Pepper-crusted Fillet Mignon and Roast Pepper Salsa for the main and for the dessert, they are offering Spiced Nutella Hot Chocolate. All for 1,200 Pesos
  • And lastly, I think I’ll be ordering this on my next visit, The Wet & Wild! Under this set, they offer Prawn Head Bisque for appetizer, Chili Prawns and Lechon Macao for the main and Chocolate Pots de creme for the dessert. This meal will cost 1000 pesos.
My buddy Fitz, of  The Thirsty tried the Spiced Nutella Hot Chocolate and and this was his testimonial.

The Cohen Lifestyle

Aside from their new offerings for the season of Valentine, the restaurant added a special selection for Cohen dieters. Anyway, Cohen Lifestyle is a special diet for people who wants to get rid of their fats rapidly and effectively. Tinette, the owner of Twenty One Plates, told us that she’d been taking Cohen Lifestyle Program for 4 months now, and you can see the difference before she took it up and the 4 months result to her. Big difference right? You can check Cohen Lifestyle here and click my photo to enlarge to check what Twenty One Plates have for Cohen lifestyle dieters.

You guys can check Twenty One Plates at   #205 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, 1720 Parañaque City and they are open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am till 2Pm and 6PM till 10pm . You can also check their Facebook page here!



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