Traveling Tips

Its really fun to travel out of town or out of the country especially if the trip is well planned and you your self is prepared. First you have to know where you are really heading and what to expect, secondly, how many days will you be staying in that place, know the general climate of the place and the present climate at least 5 days ahead, you can check it through internet the forecast and you must know where to stay, resort? hotel? These are some of the basic guide in traveling tips.

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Even if the resort or the hotel is equipped with towels, toothpaste soaps tooth brush etc, you must still bring your own personal toiletries. What if you are allergic to the hotel’s soap? Shampoo or even tooth paste? In towels, bring the lightest. Include a plastic bag for your used clothes. In Packing clothes, if you plan to stay for 4 days, you must bring at least twice the number of days and a pajama.  A pair of rubber shoes, slippers, shades if needed, anti reppelent and a sun block.

Emergency medicine or your medicine is also important. Bring Painkillers, for growling tummy, for coughs and cold and antihistamine for allergies. You know yourself.

Traveling with your car? The car must be prepared as always because you still don’t know what will happen during your trip. Spare tire is the most important of all plus the tools. Have your car over hauled before the trip. An extra bottled tap water just in case of over heating. A map maybe, you’ll be needing these especially if you’re not familiar with the place.

We usually bring food during the trip, but there are some do’s and don’ts or etiquette we must know. Bringing smelly junk foods, a slice of cake! messy food or food that are toilet prone! ahihih Have respect to people who’s gonna travel with you, don’t you just think about your self, you must also consider them.

As much as possible, make your luggage lite and handy and don’t forget your name tag on your bags!


4 Responses to “ “Traveling Tips”

  1. So kelan ang next roadtrip natin at saan?

    Additional suggestion: always have ready cash with you whenever you travel. ATM’s and credit cards are not 100% reliable.

  2. dax73 says:

    Thanks on your additional suggestion rina! that can make a traveler more wiser.

    As for the road trip, its kinda hard to plan nowadays for road trip… bad weather. As of now, what we’re planning is, Singapore trip by September.

  3. Paulo says:

    hey don!

    this is fabulous. great tips huh.

  4. dax73 says:

    thanks Paulo! I really learn a lot from experience!


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