The Sandwich Guy

Craving for quality sandwich during wee hours? Why not try The Sandwich guy of Mc Kinley Hill, Taguig City. They serve quality sandwiches in reasonable price and healthy in the belly. They do sandwiches right in front of you just like Subway sandwiches.


Healthy? Yes because they use Fresh garden veggies and wheat bread for their sandwiches, guilt free right?. They do also have tasty pastas and delicious salads.


What sandwiches do they have and how much?

Veggie Delight only for P55.00
serve with Lettice, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, cheese mustard and mayo.

English Egg Salad for P60.00
Honey Mustard, Boiled Eggs, Lettice and organic herbs and spices

H.B.L.T for P70.00
Classic Ham Bacon, Lettice, Tomato and cheese

Italian Style P70.00
Spicy pepperoni that melts in your mouth with ham and cheese

Country Tuna P70.00
Fresh Pacific Tuna in brine with boiled potatoes in lemon aioli dressing

BBQ Chicken Fillet P75.00
Stewed Chicken BBQ spices, lettuce and cheese

Chicken Salad P75.00
Steam Chicken with boiled eggs and celery in light mayo.

Canadian Salmon P85.00
Imported Salmon meat with a slice of cheese, tomatoes and lettuce

Crabstick n’ Mangos P85.00
The sweetness of the mangoes balance the pungent aroma of crab meat

Pollo Rosmarino P95.00
Baked rosmary chicken with special herbs, spices lettuce and tomatoes

Ultimate Roastbeef P95.00
Baked tenderloin marinated with italian herbs, spices, onions and lean olive oil

TSG Bigtime P110.00
3 deli choices and 2 slices of cheese! tripple decker sandwich.


They have 5 branches around the metro.

  • Cybergate Tower One Robinson’s Edsa
  • One World Square McKinley Hill, The Fort, Taguig City
  • Worldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Blvd
  • Total Corporate Bldg. Kalayaan Road, The Fort, Taguig City
  • Sunplaza Bldg. Shaw Blvd. cor. Princeton Street Mandaluyong City


You can also visit the website of The Sandwich Guy here.

Or see the close up photo of their Crabstick N’ Mangoes here.

My friend also talked about their Joy Black Gulaman here.


5 Responses to “ “The Sandwich Guy”

  1. Bongga yung Crabstick and Mangoes! 😛

    Will definitely go back!

  2. i like pollo rosmarino and crabstick & mango 😀 I ask they dont put mayonnaise though. hehe

  3. Cess says:

    I usually order their HBLT sandwich and cheesy baked potato,a perfect combination for me

  4. Cess says:

    try niyo yung pulled pork sandwich ng the sandwich guy, masarap din

  5. vincent says:

    Bongga yung cheesy baked potato nila

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