The New Monopoly Game

I used to play monopoly when i was young, its so addictive! Imagine 2 to 4 hours playing? hahaha Recently, we found out that the new monopoly game got a new game system. monopoly My sister had brought it from Singapore.The Monopoly version that she brought was a hit! Simply because instead of using paper money, players use a credit card to keep track of their money! Bongga diba? It makes the game easier and more enjoyable to play, and it’s so much easier to have deals done… Swipe here to buy and swipe here to pay! No more endless counting of play money, just swipe and swipe and its done! monopoly game board

Bongga diba? SWIPE IT!!!

2 Responses to “ “The New Monopoly Game”

  1. very interesting game board. hahaha just swipe like a credit card when you buy houses (taray huh) heeheh. I can imagine there is also a machine together with that board. I wonder how much did that game board cost. can we order from you?

  2. DAX says:

    too bad henry, my sister is out of the country, the one who bought it from singapore. I’ll ask her when she comes back. For all i know, meron sa hobbes niyan.

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