The Evolution of Personal Video Camera

During the 80′s as i can remember, bringing portable video cam recorders is a must  during important events like weddings, baptisms and birthdays. Thanks to the technology of portable video cameras.

Video cams records special moments like the very first word of your baby, the first walk etc., thanks to the technology of VHS and BETA MAX, but the problem with that was, cam recorders during that time is so bulky, not even a 7 years old can carry nor operate such a thing.

90’s came, Through the years, video cam recorders continued to develop. Camcorders eventually became more compact, more handy, and had finer video quality. From the video 8 video recorders came the vhs-c and the miniDV. The idea was, the smaller the camera, the better.

Today, those with these camcorders encounter major problems. 1st. it’s really hard to find a home player like the beta max and vhs. And so, you can only view your recorded videos on the video cam recorder itself! During 90′s, It’s really rare to find video players in the market.

2nd, since this is analog cassette tapes, these tapes lose quality as time goes by. They are vulnerable to heat, humidity, dust and electromagnetic fields. These cassettes are bulky, take forever to rewind/forward, and quite frankly knew better times.

Y2k- (year 2000) The CD era, during the mid decade of 2k, came the video recorder that records directly to the CD or DVD. The advantage of these are, they are easily copied and multiplied or can be stored to hard drives. Players were cheap and it is a must to have in every household, just like telephones.

But still, these compact disks are vulnerable to scratches, molds and many more. In the present time, they’ve develop the non use of the CDs nor cassette tapes! What they use now are memory sticks, and the video recorder is much smaller as to compared to the old ones. You can almost bring them everyday and everywhere you go. Just record,plug it to your computer and voila! You already have the special moments with you! I’ve seen one and used.. its so portable and handy!

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