Surviving Public

People must learn how to be street smart now a days because trouble are just around the corner. Here are just some tips on how to avoid some trouble and how to survive if you’re a victim.

  1. Memorize some important numbers like home telephone number or mobile number of a friend whom you know that can help you.
  2. Always have loose change inside your pocket for emergency use. Enough maybe to bring you home. I always carry 100 peso bill inside my pocket just in case of emergency.
  3. Your mobile phone is important, you can easily send SOS text to people you may know when you are in trouble. If you are using a pre-paid phone, just see to it that you always have a load. Don’t leave your place with out charge.
  4. Your Bag and what’s inside:
    1. should have wallet with:
      • Valid ID
      • Drivers license
      • Some cash ATM card and credit card if you have
      • Your Health Insurance card
    2. Wet Wipes
    3. Portable Anti Insect Repellent
    4. Small Swiss Knife if possible
    5. Your pill box
    6. A small Music Player just in case of Boredom.

Tokyo Street
Creative Commons License photo credit: macguys

If you own a car, the car must have

  1. Spare tires and tools
  2. A city map
  3. Car registration (must be updated)
  4. Gas!
  5. Jacket and Umbrella
  6. Water just in case of over heating
  7. A 2-3 liter gas friendly container just in case you ran out of gas.
  8. Must bring a long an extra shirt

That’s how to be BONGGA SURVIVOR in public.

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