Strategy in Grocery Shopping

There are lots of things to prepare in Grocery shopping especially if you are buying things that is good for a week or 2 with your budget. After you already made a budget for shopping, here are some tips for how to plan before you go shopping.

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First, make a menu or list of the ingredients needed.

In making a list of what to buy, you should itemize and know the quantity of each item that you’ll be

Remember to list cleaning materials and toiletries, condiments, canned goods, vegetables then meat, fish and poultry.

Here’s an example grocery list:

After the list, check your stocks inside your cupboards, condiment area and especially your refrigerator.

Afterwards, in your list, cross out things you don’t need to buy

Then, finally, before leaving for the grocery, free and fix spaces where you will put your grocery.

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3 Responses to “ “Strategy in Grocery Shopping”

  1. Aris Anonas says:

    Making a list is really helpful, however sometime you also need to justify if you really need to buy some stuff….

    It takes me awhile to decide if there is really a need to buy….

  2. marita cuevas says:

    hmmm thats is an age old advice already

  3. rors says:

    creating a list is a smart thing to do! it limits unnecessary and impulsive buying for as long as you muster self-control to stick to your list. 🙂

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