Straight back, look straight and stride! – A Correct Posture in Running

We know that running is one of the best form of exercise and that’s what I do for months now. I need to trim up to be fit and I choose running as my exercise.

I was rushed to a nearby hospital recently due to nape pain and headache. I just experienced this right after my 5 kilometer run. I thought I was experiencing high blood pressure. Yes my blood pressure was a bit high when they checked. The doctor asked what was the last activity I’ve made before experiencing this pain. The Doctor checked and flexed my neck part and gave me some pain relievers and muscle relaxant and explained.


The Doctor told me that maybe I were running on a bad posture. Instead of looking far when I run, I look down most of the time on the path i’m running. He said that it is a common mistake of a novice runners. The runner should straight back, look straight and stride! don’t look down or else your neck or your napes will compensate.

Lesson learned. Aside from having a comfortable running shoes, the runner should have good running posture while running. Remember these words. Straight back, look straight and stride!

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  1. Marie says:

    I seldom run but when I do, I a not aware that there should be a correct posture for it. This post is really informative especially for those who love to run.

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