Singapore Vacation

Singapore was my first international trip and all I can say is, visiting Singapore should be well planed. Six days was not enough for us to go around Singapore and yet I didn’t find any time to shop even for my self.

Singapore is so clean because they don’t litter heheh you can even walk all day outside even if  the weather is really hot! Just don’t forget to wear shades and your sunscreen when you plan to walk all day outside.  When you plan to go around Singapore, get the Duck and Hippo tours! its really worth it. You can avail the right beside the Singapore Visitors Center or at their main office at the DUCK counter at Suntec City Tower 5.

There are lots of places to see at Singapore, like The Sentosa, Esplanade, the Night Safari, China town, The Flyer, Little India and the stretch of Orchard road and don’t miss the famous Merlion! I’ve heard Universal Studios just opened recently, too bad for us we didn’t have the chance to visit the place.

What to expect:

Singapore is one of the strict place I ever been. There are lots of do’s and don’ts and rules and law must be followed. Do be aware of some serious Singaporean rules that are punishable by jail or even death. Never litter, chew gum, sell gum, jaywalk, or smoke in public but there are some designated places where you can smoke actually.

Police officers for all I know does not wear their uniforms so be very careful. Here’s another one I’ve learn from that country… Don’t  feel obligated to tip. It’s not customary in Singapore and it’s even frowned down upon by the government. Sometimes a service charge will be included in a bill.


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