Salad as Part of the Diet

trimDuring my last checkup, my doctor told me that I need to lose weight if I wanted to avoid serious health problems. That’s the reason why I enrolled myself again in a gym and decided to hire personal trainer to help me achieve my weight goals.

My trainer said I should avoid carbs during dinner and instead, replace it with any veggie salad so I could lose weight faster. Having grilled meat, especially fish, or seared shrimps along with it is okay – but not fried.

I was wondering before why salads are usually so expensive versus typical meat dishes. Here’s what I found out:

  • Vegetables used for salads are quite expensive in the market, especially when you are far from cold climate areas. Most of these veggies can only be found either on the mountains or in some nearby cold countries.salad
  • Other ingredients used in salads are also expensive like olive oil, mustard, cherry tomatoes, imported cheese, lemon, unique spices, etc.
  • Making vegetable salad requires fast preparation. From grilling or searing, to tossing. It needs a step by step preparation and cannot be stored for later eating because the vegetables needs to be fresh. Because of this, lots of storage is required and vegetables cannot be stored long or else they will spoil.
  • The balancing of hot and cold ingredients is quite difficult. If an ingredient needs to be seared or grilled, that ingredient should be at least a little warmer than room temperature before adding to the chilled veggies and also, the warm ingredient should be the last one to be added. This is a skill that needs practice and training.

You can actually control the calorie of the veggie salad that you are making, that’s why home made salads is the favorite dish of anyone who wants to lose weight.

Homemade salads is still cheaper than eating the best salads in restaurants because you’re not paying for the chef’s skills and the markup on the imported ingredients.

I’m on my second week now of eating salad and I can definitely feel some changes. Of course, I also workout at the gym and exercise outdoors. You need to perspire and get rid of all the toxins in the body. Discipline is really needed to get rid of your excess fats in the body.

You are what you eat. Don’t just sit there! MOVE!

By the way, I made this blog because I’d be sharing some of my homemade salad recipes soon.

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