Replacement for Deodorant

Its been rumored that deodorants been causing some major skin irritations, but how can you control your body odor if you are not using any deodorants at all?

There are alternative solutions for your body odor problems especially underarm odor. One is Rubbing Alcohol and the other one is the Powdered Tawas or Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate).

Here’s how to apply rubbing alcohol as a replacement for Deodorant.

1. Take a shower (remember always use medicated soap when taking a bath)

2. Towel dry your body especially your under arms.

3. Put some amount of rubbing alcohol to your palm and rub it to your armpits.

4. Air dry the applied area and you’re on.

Make sure to re apply every 3 or 6 hours when active.

Now here’s for the Tawas or Alum

follow steps 1 and 2

Put a baby teaspoon amount of powdered alum (tawas) to your palm and rub it to your under arms.

You’ll notice dark or shaded area on your shirt after exposing yours self to heat but it does not have any smell.

Frequent use of this can make your underarm prevents from darkening.

Alum or tawas can only be bought at wet market or grocery.

Here’s a tip on how to avoid body odor especially underarm problems.

1. Never use others clothes.

2. Use clothes once, after using, pitch it in the laundry basket for washing.

3. Be hygienic, bathe as often as possible, use only trusted soap.

4. Use clothes accordingly, I know some of the guys wear thick clothes even if its hot. They just do this for the sake of FASHION.


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