Ranchero at General Santos City – A Nice Place to Dine

Looking for a nice place to eat for dinner in General Santos? A place where everybody can enjoy food because of its right serving and taste? Try Ranchero in General Santos.

Ranchero is known for several dishes it revolutionized in the city such as babyback ribs, chopsuey, tuna kinilaw, thinly sliced crispy liempo, adobo flakes salad. Fresh fruits are also available for dessert.

Ranchero located at the National Highway in General Santos City. Conveniently situated in a veranda adjacent to their Paseo del Sol venue close to the Mitsubishi Motors.

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9 Responses to “ “Ranchero at General Santos City – A Nice Place to Dine”

  1. Ang sarap naman nyan… Ikaw na ang bongga, Dax!

  2. bonedoc says:

    mamatay ako sa busog dito!

  3. sheng says:

    Bongga ang pics!

  4. bonedoc says:

    namatay ako sa busog dito!

  5. Laurence says:

    Super sarap na dinner. Adobo flakes salad was launched the following day after we test tasted it. 🙂

  6. helen says:

    Paseo should post pictures of the place not only with food so that customers who try to browse online would know how beautiful the place is.

  7. steve says:


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