Preparing For Christmas

There are lots of things to prepare for Christmas. In preparing, you’ll need more time to think of what you have to organize. Making a list will help you put things in order. So grab a pen and a paper, or if you are a techie, prepare your computer or mobile gadget.

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Here’s how to start:

The Gift Planner

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Begin by listing down the names of whom you plan to give gifts to. These would probably include the following:

  • Family members
  • Relatives
  • Close friends
  • Office mates
  • God children

Just make sure they are worthy to receive gifts from you this coming Christmas.

Once you’re finished with your list, it’s time to brainstorm what to give them for Christmas. This is probably the hardest part since you will want your gift to be appreciated. You don’t want your recipient to feel that you gave them a random gift.

What To Buy

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Busy people tend to have a shorter time for shopping, a shorter time to think or plan what to buy for the people whom they love and care for. But the most important thing that you have to consider in buying gifts is making a budget. Don’t be an impulsive buyer or else you’ll overshoot your allotted funds for Christmas gifts.

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Window shopping is a smart move if you want to get a gift that’s value for your money. It is possible to find a similar item of different prices. You will surely want to buy a gift that is reasonably priced and fits into your budget.

Buy a gift that you think they will appreciate. Look for something that you think they will need. Buy something cheap but useful.  Do not purchase a random gift because people tend to recycle such items. A gift with not much thought placed into selecting it need not be kept anyway, right?

For a few years now, I’ve been making personalized gifts. I buy raw materials and create a special gift. This is more time consuming but it will cost less.

For instance, a clay candle base in San Juan, Batangas will cost you Php15. Add a glass lamp bulb (bubog) from Mandaluyong Glass Maker priced at Php50. You now have tea light candle for only Php65! The market worth of this project is approximately Php250. Big saving huh! Creativity makes sense!

What to serve on Christmas Eve:

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Traditionally we often cook special food during special occasions especially during Christmas, but cooking special food during special occasion doesn’t mean hard cooking just to make it special.

Just think of something easy, stress-less and yet different recipe, don’t forget to put slices cheese (quezo de bola), red wine and slices of Christmas ham on your table and lit some Christmas candles on the table and play some Christmas carols.

Last year we only had Potato Salad, Shepherd’s Pie, Slices of cooked Ham (hamon) Quezo de Bola and wine, special right? yet easy and stress free preparation.

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