Places must see in Ilocos Province (Part 1 of 3)

If you wanna see the entire Ilocos and their best on a road trip, plan it for 4 to 5 days because there are lots of places to see. If you want to enjoy the entire trip, tag a co-driver along, a friend who can drive your car. You must consider my tips on traveling when planning a long road trip for better preparation.

Day 1
Vigan, Ilocos Sur

We arrived Vigan late in the afternoon that’s why we arrange first where to stay for over night. There are lots of Hotels in the area but we decided to stay in Villa Angela, a very unique place to stay because of their antique ambiance. Since your in Vigan, might as well experience staying in an old house/hotel diba?

First thing we did after freshen up, that was around 9pm we decided to walk around Vigan and dine. Most of the places closes late that’s why its alright to walk around and take pictures. Everybody seems to know how to speak Tagalog and English so there’s no language barrier.

Vigan is one of the important place to see because of their well preserved structures. Old houses, old roads, Historical places like churches houses etc. and Food Delicacies. Its really fun to roam around especially at night. Walk, Dine and relax. The following day we decided to go around the area we also went to their famous Baluarte Open Zoo, lots of exotic animals to see, you can touch some if you like, we do also had lunch at Hidden garden where lots of nice plants around.

Bongga Diba?

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  1. Nice post. Part 2 na bilis! 🙂

  2. itot54joni says:

    bonggang bongga!ahehehe

  3. dax73 says:

    thank you Itot!!!!

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  4. mee-i says:

    grabe ka bongga tlga!!! ^_^

  5. sheng says:

    I iz suddenly craving for a trip to Vigan!


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