Piyesta’s Pakbet and their Set Meals!

I really love eating vegetables and one of my favorite vegetable dish is Pakbet. Pakbet is a tagalog  tasty vegetable dish made-up of different fresh vegetables, pork, and shrimp paste. I know some guys out there hates it because of its one major ingredient is ampalaya or the Bitter melon.

The reason why I love Pakbet is because of Ampalaya (bitter melon) and the Okra’t Kalabasa (Lady’s Fingers or gumbo and Squash), they give lots of benefits in our health. Its really hard to find a perfect vegetable dish like this especially the right bitterness of the ampalaya. Good thing I have found one resto bar that serves the right taste for me and I found this in General Santos at PIYESTA Resto Bar in Robinsons Place GenSan. Would you believe I can finish a serving bowl of pakbet alone? hehehehehe

Aside from the delicious mouth watering Pakbet that they serve and since there were four of us, they do also have set meals for groups! What we’ve got is the set 1 that has a greaseless chicken (1whole) Mangang Hilaw (unripe green mangoes) with matching bagoong, Pinoy Fries (I think it was camote or sweet potatoes) Rice (native or the red rice 5 cups) and soup! for only P550. Nice deal isn’t it?

Piyesta Resto and Bar is located at Robinsons Place General Santos at the food strip. Live bands and so much more entertaining activities usually occurs every weekends.

Try this place! Its really Bongga!

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2 Responses to “ “Piyesta’s Pakbet and their Set Meals!”

  1. Ria Jose says:

    Love, love, looove PiYESta! And their Pakbet is my absolute favorite! <3

  2. Looks yum! I’m a pinakbet lover too… Will definitely check out this place someday when we swing by GenSan 🙂

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