Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

I’ve attended several festival and most of them were famous and known to all people over the Philippines. I just hope that Pintaflores of San Carlos City at Negros Occidental would be popular as other famous festival in the Philippines.

Colorful flora costumes and props, bright floral paint like tattoos marked on their faces and body, the dancing princess in her magnificent ballgown and aside from that, joyful cheers as trumpets and drumbeats can be heard while they sing, march and dance.

The Pintaflores Festival celebrates on the day itself, unlike other festival, they move the dates on the nearest weekend. Pintaflores Festival celebrates on November 5.

Travelling by bus to to San Carlos City via Ceres is another adventure for you to experience if you’ll be coming from Bacolod City to San Carlos. You must be well prepared. Cameras, extra batteries, extra shirt, a music player (so you won’t get bored during the scenic trip), sunblock, water, a hat and a jacket if not, a scarf can be a big help.

If you want to know more tips in travelling and attending such festivals in Negros Occidental, here’s my suggestion in making the travel plan. (coming soon)

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