Pet Dog Eating Problem SOLVED!

I have a female Beagle who’s having a little problem with her diet. It seems she doesn’t like her expensive dog food  or maybe she’s just sick. Yes she’s active but she eat less now than before and i notice she’s beginning shrink like an unhealthy dog. But now I discovered something that made her appetite brings back to normal!

Photo credit: faith goble

I discovered that she really got tired of the same old dog food! There was a time I saw one of my cat eating my dog’s food!  I might faint if my cat might bark one of these days. Anyway, what I did is I bought a can of Pedigree beef flavor and its kinda cheap in the market to experiment on something.

For my dog’s size (medium) I prepared:

a cup of cold rice,

a cup of her old dog food

a cup of hot water to soften her old dog food and

3 table spoon of Pedigree Beef flavor.


Put the hot water on the dogs food bowl and add the old dog food; let the dog food absorb the water to soften approximately 3-5 mins. then add a cup of rice and 3 table spoon of Pedigree beef flavor and mix them.


Do feed your dog twice a day and watch them while they eat.

This might help your dog from starving!

Bonggang solution!

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