Enjoying Pepper Lunch Japanese DIY Teppan Restaurant at Alabang Town Center

My friends and I were looking for a different kind of place to eat, something new or extra ordinary. We ended up at Pepper Lunch at Alabang Town Center.

It was my first time to experience a DIY or Do-It-Yourself dish!

peppr lunch

Just like in Tatsunoko Restaurant, or whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant for the first time, I always try the Kani Salad.

Kani is the Japanese name for crab so its thinly sliced kani, cucumbers, carrots mixed with Japanese mayo.

At Pepper Lunch, they serve the kani salad in a cup. Bongga!SDC11395 copy

Kani Salad on Cup?

SDC11401 copy

Cover and shake the Kani Salad cup.

SDC11403 copy

Your Kani Salad is now ready to eat!

Normally, you shake, stir or mix your dish at Pepper Lunch – every Pepper Lunch meal comes with easy instructions on how to unleash every tantalizing flavor. Not sure how to do it? Just ask! Their staff is always happy to assist you.

SDC11408 copy

Beef Pepper Rice

SDC11406 copy

Chicken Pepper Rice

With its unique design patented in Japan, the iron plate is part of the successful formula of Pepper Lunch.

Using a special electromagnetic cooker also patented in Japan, the iron plate will heat up to 260C in 70 seconds and remain hot (approximately 80C) for more than 20 minutes.

Meat grilled at this ideal high temperature, remains tender and juicy. The plate keeps food warm for a longer time and customers can enjoy the full flavor of the dish.

SDC11410 copy

You learn more about Pepper Lunch here

Kakaibang ka Bonggahan ito!

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