Panasonic’s Colours of Real life

From time to time, famous TV brands upgrades their technology.

It seems that these brands wont stop inventing innovations for their products and Panasonic brand is one of them. I was invited few days ago by Panasonic for their launching of their new innovation for their TV’s The Colours of Real Life.

This time, 2018, Panasonic unveiled its next generation of Panasonic’s OLED TV lineups.

New models of Panasonic TVs features the latest colour technology as they say, A Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX). With a 4K processor installed, it will be delivering the most accurate and compelling picture quality as Hollywood filmmakers intended.


Performance – Their TVs has expanded its OLED range this time included at (models) FZ1000 and FZ950. All features the most powerful generation of Panasonic’s 4K Pro HDR technology with the newest OLED panel and the advanced HCX 4K processor.

Comfort in watching – The new OLED range now features an absolute “Black Filter” to provide the purest and accurate black levels by absorbing ambient light in order to eliminate reflections which we usually encounter when watching TV on a bright room. The TV is also THX and Ultra HD Premium certified take note!

In terms of the TV sound, these series boasts an upgraded Dynamic Blade Speaker to produce best in class sound for an integrated TV speakers. A 40% volume increase, with no less than 8 multiple speaker units (4 larger woofers, 4 squackers and 2 tweeters) plus a quad passive radiator to boost the bass.

Picture – Panasonic has included a Dnamic Scene optimizer and Auto HDR Brightness Enhancer. The DSO uses picture analysis to mimic dynamic metadata when playing an HDR10 source. The TV detects brightness and optimizes the way each scene appears to yield more accurate results.

If you have plans in buying a new tv set and experience the new Panasonic innovation, they are now available at leading appliance stores and let Panasonic merchandisers demonstrate their new OLED TV line up.

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