PAETE & LAGUNA – Business and Dine part 3 of 3

After roaming around Lucban Quezon, we decided to go to Laguna again but this time Paete Laguna. We didn’t had the chance to take pictures of Paete because we were too busy strolling around the small town checking for different kinds of handicrafts made from wood and papers.

Actually the reason why I included Paete in my itinerary is to look for a nice paper mache box for my packaging in my Bakedgoodies for Christmas. There are lots of handicraft products here that can be sold in tiangges in Manila, you can actually buy native things cheap ideal as birthday or Christmas gifts! You can also buy some home accents or furniture for less.


After doing  business in Paete, we had a stop over at exotic restaurant in Kalayaan, next town to Paete to see Samantha the giant pet python Рehhehe. Exotic retaurant serves exotic foods like adobo sa gata, palaka (frog), sawa (python), bayawak(monitor lizard), pating (shark), babuy ramo (wild boar), suso (snails), palos (eel), tapang kabayo, tapang usa and many more!

They also have regular Philippine recipes actually for people who cannot eat exotic food like I’ve mentioned.


Next stop? Dinner! We passed by “ISKARGU” (ISda (fish) KARne (meat) GUlay (vegetables) Restaurant in Calauan Laguna to try some of their native dishes but unfortunately, we came late and most of thier native food are already unavailable.

So we decided to scout again for another spectacular resto along the road. “Kamayan sa Palaisdaan” Bay Laguna… Floating resto! The resto has a really nice ambiance, nice food as well.¬† Want to know more about this resto? Visit here – Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.

kamayan sa palaisdaan

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