Owning a Pet Dog

A lot of people own a pet dog because for them, it helps lessen their daily stress. Some people say that owning a pet dog is difficult. They say that because taking care of a pet is a responsibility, and for dogs especially, you need to take time in grooming them regularly.

For me, owning a pet dog is a lifestyle. There are lots of benefits in owning a pet dog, and you will surely have lots of great experiences and wonderful discoveries when you have one because as they say, a dog is man’s best friend.

Dogs are great companions and become very loyal to you if you take care of them right. Doing that can be simple and not difficult.

Taking time to walkt them 10 to 15 minutes twice a day is already enough to make a dog happy. Bathing them twice a week (or when needed), feeding them in the morning and evening and playing with them are all duties you need to remember, but are also fun to do.

What are the benefits I experienced in owning a pet dog?

Well, first, it improves my patience. And of course, walking the dog gives me health benefits as well through exercise.

Last weekend, me and my dog, “Happy” attended a dog camp here in our village.

It was called the “Aww-Mazing Day Dog Camp” – an event sponsored by Hill’s Science Diet.

Me and Happy learned a lot that day. He was so happy going around with me on the different booths and activity areas such as the pet grooming station, veterinarian consultation booth, rabies vaccination, informative talks, an agility course, bone hunt, photo booth and fun games!

On June 30 2012, they’ll be having another camp but this time it will be held in San Lorenzo Village Club house and open field, in Makati City. I’m thinking of bringing Happy there again, but not sure yet… so we’ll see.

This is me and “Happy”, who was so happy that day.


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