O’sonho – A Portuguese Fusion

O’sonho is a Portuguese Fusion Restaurant. It was my first time to try Portuguese dishes and I noticed that, Portuguese cuisine is similar to Spanish cuisine. They both have the same style in cooking.

When my and my friends asked the owner of O’sonho what’s the difference between Spanish cuisine and Portuguese cuisine? His answer was spices. Portuguese cuisine uses a wider variety of spices than Spanish cuisine.

O’sonho restaurant I think is the only Portuguese restaurant here in Manila. They have two branches already, the first one in #20 Jupiter Street in Makati and the newly opened branch at 1880-5, 1880 Building New Eastwood Mall.

One thing remarkable in O’sonho is they don’t use MSG and they only use the purest olive oil.

Bongga Diba?

Here are some shots of the cuisine I ate at O’sonho, click to enlarge the image:

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