Onions and your Beautiful Eyes

Onion or Sibuyas in tagalog, is one of the best and a favorite spice in the kitchen. Some people say that an onion is a vegetable. Others claim that it’s a spice. In any case, onions still add flavor to our dishes.

Now here’s the question — why do we get teary eyed when we slice or chop onions? Science answers that whenever an onion is cut, its pierced cells release a juice or sulfur compound. This substance is irritating to the eyes. Hehe! That’s why most of the cooks don’t want to chop onions because it makes them cry.

Here’s a little trick my mom taught me on how to avoid crying while chopping onions. You simply let your little sister do the chopping! Haha! Just kidding! All you need is a matchstick or 2! Bite them, with the head outside your mouth while chopping.

One Response to “ “Onions and your Beautiful Eyes”

  1. I think I like the let-your-younger-sister-do-the-chopping option! Haha!

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