Noche Buena Recipes: Bongga Holiday Dish Ideas

It’s going to be Christmas soon and we are now all busy with preparing our Noche Buena menu. I love the holiday season because it allows me to decorate the house with ornaments. Just look at my Christmas tree this year at the side.

Anyway, I love Christmas because it also allows me to plan what food to serve for Noche Buena.

Some of the traditional Noche Buena food which my family serves are:

  • Hamon – a Filipino favorite is of course the Christmas ham. Too hard to make on your own so just buy one at the grocery. Hehe.
  • Queso de Bola – the partner of the Christmas ham, but also, a great alternative for Parmesan cheese.
  • CastaƱas – or chestnuts which you can buy roasted in many city sidewalks during Christmas time.
  • Halayang ube – this is a great Noche Buena dessert, very Filipino – but could take a lot of time to make so just buy one.

Now above are those which you can just buy. As you can see, there’s no main dish in there. That’s something you really have to cook with love to make your Christmas eve dinner more meaningful.

From the past, I’ve been sharing with you some food recipes which I hope you were able to try. If not, then this is the time to cook them!

Here now are some of my past recipes which you can prepare as your Noche Buena main dish.

Pancit Canton – very Filipino and a great dish for any occasion, including Christmas. It’s easy to prepare and both adults and kids will love this. Learn how to cook this at: Pancit Canton Recipe

Lasagna – if you don’t like pansit and you’re tired of spaghetti, then you can try cooking my simply lasagna with bechamel sauce recipe. The time to cook this is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Learn this recipe at: Lasagna Recipe

If you have a crock pot, then I have two great dishes for you. It’s something you can leave to cook in the morning and have ready by Noche Buena.

Beef Morcon – this is something that I will actually cook this Noche Buena. I had some practice on how to cook this a few weeks ago. If you’re interested then here it is: Beef Morcon Recipe

Beef Mechado – another favorite of mine to cook in a crock pot or slow cooker. Very easy to do and kids will love this because the meat usually comes out soft and tender. Learn it here: Beef Mechado Recipe

I guess that’s it for now. But before I end, let me share with you three more Noche Buena Recipes which you can try:

I hope you enjoyed my Noche Buena recipes and Bongga holiday dish ideas which I shared with you today. So what are you planning to serve this Noche Buena to make it BONGGA!

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