My Tour to Major Towns of Marinduque

Boac is the capital town of Marinduque, founded by the Jesuits Missionaries in 1662. Lots of activities and places to see inside the town, like the Cathedral of Boac, and the Moriones Festival that occurs during the Holy week.

Gasan next to Boac counter clockwise. Gasang gasang is the most popular festival of the said town and it occurs during Easter Sunday. The Easter festival will feature an agro-industrial fair showcasing native food and handicrafts; a memorable putungan welcome ritual for tourists and balikbayans, the daily rhythmic clop and crack of kalutang and drum players, a must-see pugutan stage presentation on Black Saturday and the popular street-dancing parade on Easter Sunday. So we went back to Gasan to see the Gasang gasang Festival.

Reyes park is park by the sea shore where you can see from afar the Tres Reyes islands.

Buenavista known for the sulfur and hot spring Resorts of barangay Malbog and the scenic road side of Mt Malindig.

Torrijos known for finest beach resorts. Poctoy white beach is one of the famous public resort.

Sta Cruz one of their main events is the Penetensiya during good Friday. Walking barefoot during the long slow procession around the town in the afternoon of good Friday.

The procession

Sta Cruz is also known for Arrowroot cookies. Made from high fiber starch extracted from uraro (arrowroot), tubers, organically grown in Marinduque.

The Rejano’s Bakery and Coffee Shop at Sta Cruz Marinduque.

Bongga ang sarap ng Uraro ng Rejano’s!

6 Responses to “ “My Tour to Major Towns of Marinduque”

  1. Eric David says:

    I love this Island…Thanks for posting some information and photo’s in your blogsite about Marinduque, I was born i Marinduque..And I’m proud being Marindukenyos…

  2. Eric David says:

    Sana pumasyal din kayo sa Bathala Cave ng Sta. Cruz at sa mga Marinduque..

  3. Eric David says:

    My facebook account ba ang

  4. dax73 says:

    Sir eric! we did po! actually eto po sha . nag enjoy kami diyan!

  5. shylyn says:

    mganda nga

  6. shylyn says:

    sana makabalik ulit ako jan sa buenavista ,
    mis q na baya kau jan ay

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