My Enchanted Kingdom Experience

We (bloggers) were invited by the management of Enchanted Kingdom to visit and expirience the wonders of the theme park. The Park management also had some purpose in inviting us like promoting some new activities inside the theme park.

It’s also nice to experience their 4D movie cinema theater as we watched Brendan Fraser’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” last May. Great sound, visual quality and sensory effect! You better watch and experience this heheh its a must try!

In terms of food at Enchanted Kingdom, there are some known food and snack establishments inside like Hotshots, Potato corner, Ice Monster, Dimsum N’ Dumplings, Karate Kid and Pizza hut.
Enchanted Kingdom's Grand Carousel

The 7 Zones of Enchanted Kingdom

1. Victoria Park – The Grand Carousel
2. Portabello – Flying Fiesta, Rio Grande, Paintball, 4D Discovery Theater!
3. Brooklyn Place – Rialto
4. Space Port – Space Shuttle, Kart Trak.
5. Jungle Outpost – Jungle Log Jam,Swan Lake
6. Midway Boardwalk – Anchor’s Away, Dodgem, Roller Skater, Up, Up & Away, Bump N’ Splash and Wheel of Fate.
7. Bouldervlle – Boulderville Express, Bumbling Boulders, Air Pterodactyl, Stone Eggs, Dinosoarus

Fast Food Place Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom is located at Santa Rosa, Laguna with their sales office at Biltmore Condominium, 102 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village Makati City
You may also visit or
You can contact them for more details and schedules at .(632)8302111 to 16 or
(632)8436074 to 78

4 Responses to “ “My Enchanted Kingdom Experience”

  1. crisendo says:

    when was the last time I’m here.. hmmm can’t remember… i should check this again one of these day… bagay na bagay ang Journey to the Center of the Earth sa blog ko… wahhh!!!!

  2. Aris Anonas says:

    Promise, never been there….

    I always wanted to go there pero di ko alam bakit di matuloy tuloy wahahahahahahaha

  3. Mao says:

    We’ve been to EK last week! Space Shuttle was totally awesome! Did you try it?

    Nice Post!

  4. Flora says:

    Been here last Sunday,,, and it WAS NOT FUN!!!. Grabe ang daming tao, we’ve waited 2 hours for our turn to Jungle Log Jam,,, grabe sobrang ang management ng EK, sana man lang they control the numbers of guest,, pwede naman siguro nilang hindi accommodate ang mga walk-in pag sobrang dami na nag tao sa loob, Maganda ang EK pero sana maganda din ang traffic control nila!, Alam na nila na may pre-booked na silang mga field trips so sana hindi na sila natangap ng walk-in. i understand it’s peak season pero sana man lang maisip nila na some of their guest are came a the way from North or even far sana ung maretain sa memories nila eh the rides and the nice experience NOT THE LONG LINE and for not trying all the ride kasi sa HABA NG PILA.

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