Mosquitoes Attraction

Some  say that mosquito coils (katol) and mosquito spray (spray insecticide)  works for them just to get rid of mosquitoes. But did you know that these are very harmful to you and your lungs? The odor you smell is really bad for us especially for toddlers.

Applying mosquito repellent lotion is kinda uncomfortable  to us, yes no mosquitoes but you feel sticky. Imagine wearing these kind of lotion during night beach party or an out door event? heheheh THE SMELL! People might think you are wearing cheap perfume! hahaha..

Having an mosquito zapper can kill most of the mosquitoes in one area of your home. But what if you got lots of areas at home? Your electricity bill might suffer soon. Ideally, mosquito zapper (the one with the ultra violet light) attracts mosquitoes. So why do you have to attract mosquitoes? You might b also attracting your neighbors mosquitoes then? Best for this is to give it to your neighbor instead to attract your mosquitoes to them! ahahaha that makes sense!

I bought a citronella candle and tried it to the place where mosquitoes usually party. BONGGA! That helps! The mosquitoes fled away from hat area! All you need to do is lit the candle for 5 or 10 minutes and that’s it! No more mosquitoes! Just lit them again whenever the fragrance of citronella subsides.  Citronella candles are fragrant, effective and cheap and I know mosquitoes hate them, that’s all I can say.

Well still the best way to get rid of them is to always clean your surroundings and get rid of their breeding place. Who knows? You might be the best breeder of malaria or dengue. To know more about Dengue, please check my older post.


Photo credits: brandonhirsch, freemind

4 Responses to “ “Mosquitoes Attraction”

  1. jehzlau says:

    nakakadiri yung picture from bobinson, ang daming lamok sa paa. O_O

  2. janzter says:

    ei … san ba nakakabilinyan candle na yan???

  3. dax73 says:

    janzter, sa ace hardware meron or sa mga SM department stores.

  4. >. says:

    yikes . ang mahal yata nyan kc sa ace hardware o sa sm pa yan binibili wala bang pwede na ipangpalit dyan sa may citronella candle na pang help to keep the mosquitoes away?

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