New Italian Flavors at Melo’s the home of Angus and Wagyu Beef

Melo’s is a pioneering restaurant in the Philippine specializing in certified Angus and Wagyu steaks. It was established by Carmelo “Melo” Santiago when the restauranteur introduced America’s finest beef to the Philippines in 1988.

Since then, Melo’s has become known for its combination of fine food, excellent service, and unique ambiance in its restaurants located in Makati, Alabang, Taguig and Quezon City.

What’s new at Melo’s? Melo’s kitchen has new Italian offerings! Creamy Pepper Steak with Aglio Olio, Steak Mediterranean and Steak Porcini.  The Steaks are made with exquisite Wagyu beef , widely hailed  around the world as the best. These steaks star alongside the finest Italian pasta and sauces.

Description: Steak Porcini is a steak heaven taken to new heights. Wagyu center-cut tenderloin wrapped in bacon, with funghi porcini mushroom sauce, served with Penne Rigate cooked al dente with an aromatic pesto sauce. Slices of choice porcini mushrooms, one of the most prized ingredients in the world, give a soft, nutty finish to the salty, juicy union of bacon and beef. It’s a combination that will surely be loved.

Description: This creamy pepper steak aglio olio features an eight-ounce Wagyu center-cut tenderloin served with linguini in traditional aglio olio style. Garlic bites subtly through the pure taste of olive oil, and mingles with savory sun-dried tomatoes. What distinguishes the dish however, is the creamy pepper sauce that delivers just the right amount of kick to every mouthful steak. The result is a feast for the taste buds- spice and freshness in perfect harmony.

Description: The steak Mediterranean is a very tender Wagyu rib eye topped with rich foie gras, tamed by dark, sweet tanginess  of rosemary red wine and shallot sauce. The dish is rounded off by pasta Alfredo, sure to strike a smooth, creamy chord with any pasta lover.

The creamy pepper steak aglio olio. This is my favorite among the three. Why? I really love Aglio Olio especially if its paired to steaks! The combination of sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil with matching kick with garlic makes them perfect. Now paired with tender creamy pepper steak makes it more great. Pepe bistecca cremoso con olio e pasta aglio.

The Steak Porcini entry is also a must try. Its my first to see such steak wrapped in bacon strips and paired with penne rigate in pesto sauce! Delicious indeed. I can name this entry Manzo in salsa di funghi con pesto.

Steak Mediterranean for me is the most exotic among the others. The steak must be eaten with a tiny cut of rich foie gras to make it more tastier. I know you’ll gonna love this one especially if you paired them with Pasta Alfredo. Bistecca Mediterraneo con il foie gras con Pasta Alfredo.

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  1. arpee lazaro says:

    melo’s really does have the best steak in the city. there’s nothing like a wagyu steak dinner!

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