Tagaytay Mahogany Market (Quicky Escape Trip to Tagaytay Part 3 of 3)

My mom told me every time I go to Tagaytay, don’t forget the little empty cooler along and pass by Mahogany Market. Why? Because you can buy cheap fresh beef meats, fresh vegetables and fruits at Mahogany Market.

Mahogany Market

Inside the compound of Mahogany Market, there are lots of carinderia (mini restaurants) that specializes in Bulalo (a Filipino beef dish). I dunno how they call Bulalo in English but try it! It’s great!

beef market

Quality cheap Beef meats

I really love cooking especially when your meat and vegetables are Fresh.

mahogany veggies

Vegetables at the Market


Fresh Fruits


One more thing I discovered at the back of the market is you can also buy some rare or hard to find plants like herbs, spices, flowers and fruits at Mahogany Market. Get some if you still have space in your trunk.

So whenever you plan a trip in Tagaytay, spare a space for some fresh goodies in your trunk and don’t forget to bring your mini cooler along and drop by Mahogany Market.

Bonggang Public Market ito!

One Response to “ “Tagaytay Mahogany Market (Quicky Escape Trip to Tagaytay Part 3 of 3)”

  1. darqueangel says:

    di talaga kumpleto ang tagaytay trip pag di ka kakain at mamalengke sa palengke mahogany.. ahhiihih i miss piritung tawilis and specially the Bulalo.. wait ang mahal pala ng halaman dyan.. YUN LANG! ahihiih..

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