Luneta (Rizal Park) – Then and Now

Luneta is one of the known parks that Manila has up to now. As I can remember, the first time I went there was 1983 when my balikbayan cousins made a visit here in Manila. I really enjoyed the place, walking, playing with my cousins as if the place was so safe for us back then.

But, when I went back in the early 90s, the place was so unsafe. Lots of bystanders, beggars and street children that who would always ask for alms that they look like the own the place too. Lots of litters can be seen because of un-systematized street vendors and un-disciplined people around they tend to throw their waste anywere they want.

I said to my self, I will not go back there again because its unsafe and dirty. Today, 2011, I was invited to roam around the park by the park management. All I can say is, they’ve already change. It looked like they were already given by the Department of Tourism a bigger budget to maintain the park and also assigned a better management to manage our very own Luneta. They already implemented a tighter security, cleaned, restored & developed the place into a better park.

A brief History:
The park was made by the Spanish during the 1800s just outside the walled city. The park is shaped like a small moon (lunette) that’s why they called it Luneta. December 30 1896, Jose Rizal was shot in Luneta Park by a firing squad of the upon the order of the Spanish government, Also in this park in 1872, the three Filipino priest was also executed. In 1913, in the declaration, the park was named Rizal Park named after our national hero.

For inquiries about this park, you can visit them right beside the Department of Tourism main office in Manila near Rizal Park. Just ask the guards on duty the NPDC or the National Parks Development Committee office.

Thanks to NPDC and the Department of Tourism of the Philippines, I know, our national hero would be happy seeing his park great again. BONGGA NA ULIT!

Please visit my Photo Blog to see more photos of  Luneta Park .

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