Liliw – My Laguna – Quezon Road Trip Experience part 1 of 3

Touring Laguna and Quezon in one day.

Are you thinking or planning a unforgettable Road Trip in just one day?

Why not try this one? My Laguna – Quezon road trip experience.


Here’s what we did. First, this is a well planned trip, and a planning is one of the most important thing to do before going to a trip. First in planning is… the itinerary. Since we want a cheap trip and got only a day to blast it, we decided to go Laguna and nearby places. Places not often visited nor never been to.

Secondly, since you already know where to go, and you already know what to expect, now it’s time to prepare what to bring. Here’s my list: Raincoat or windbreaker, my iPod player with car adapters to connect my iPod to the car stereo, bunch of chichiria (snack chips) and bottled / canned drinks and my first aid kit.

Third, of course, is that your car must be in A1 condition! Check this for more information in how to prepare your car for a long drive.

One of my oldest motto: Hitting two birds (or more) with one stone! So where to go to Laguna? Hmmm, we decided Paete Laguna to be our final end point before heading back home.

Paete is known for interesting wood carving and some pulp products that’s why we chose this one. Since I usually sell Baked Goodies during Christmas season, I decided to check some boxes for my Christmas goodies packaging. This trip can be a business and leisure to us if ever.

Now where to go before heading to the end point? Hmmmm Nagcarlan, Nagcarlan is known for the famous Underground Cemetery but unfortunately, when we went there, the cemetery was closed. The said cemetery is closed during Mondays.


Now off to Liliw! Liliw Laguna is popularly known for Leather goods and Slippers, you can shop there for less! Aside from that, you could also check the town old church and take some pictures. Since it was our first destination, we have till before lunch to finish everything. Shop for slippers and visit the old church.

liliw church

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  1. Please come and visit my home town of Liliw, where you can buy the best and affordable footwear such as slippers and espadrilles. You can also dine in at great restaurants such as chef mau and cafe arabella.


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