Laundry Problems

To have your clothes wash with laundromat shops or not? Its really hard to decide on my part because I’ve seen lots of problems having your clothes washed to laundromat shops. Yes! Its cheaper to have your clothes wash to laundromat shops but here are some problems that usually happens.

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1.Some of your clothes are mixed up with other clients clothes! Not really that hygienic but some of the laundry shops says they don’t mix clothes with other clients. Who knows? ehheh

2.Lost / Missing Clothes – Most of the time we’re in a hurry, no time to count all clothes to be washed or no time to witness laundry helps to count all your clothes. Some Laundry shops have disclaimers that you should count your washed clothes before leaving the shop! The shop is not responsible to any lost. How can you count your washed clothes if your clothes are already packed inside their plastic bag? Open them again and count?

3.Smelly – Yup! Your clothes smells good at first but when you wear them when you perspire, hehehe it stinks! My mom told me that clothes that stinks easily are the one not properly rinsed or washed.

4.Still Dirty – You’ll notice this to your everyday white or light colored clothes, you’ll see some yellowish color around the neckline of your shirt. Yup! that’s right! It’s Dirt! Your clothes needs to be hand washed.

And the good side:

1. Gives more time

2. No need to buy laundry detergents

3. Saves space – This is ideally for people who lives in condominiums or a house does not have space for clothes line.

The bad side of washing your own clothes or having your own laundry woman to wash:

1. Need to buy laundry detergents

2. Consumes time

3. Allergic reactions to skin due to strong laundry detergent

4. Drying space and security

5. Water bills

6. Food for the laundry woman

The good side?

at least your clothes are secured and properly washed.

In my opinion, I think you should let you clothes washed to laundry shop then after several sets of washing to laundry shop, have your clothes wash by hand wash and always have an inventory of your clothes.

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