Laoag Day 2 in Ilocos Part 2 of 3

After 24hours stay in Vigan, we decided to go to our next stop. Laoag Ilocos Norte. We arrived at Laoag at dinner time so what we did first is to check in to a hotel accessible everywhere. Isabel suites is the name of our hotel. Neat huh and it has an wifi internet access.


After checkn-in at Isabel Suites, we went around Laoag city to look for a good place to eat. Here’s our rule in looking for a place to eat. A restaurant that is very unique that you can’t find in Metro Manila. Bingo! Saramsam Cafe, very nice ambiance, mixed antique ambiance and very good food as well. hmmm yummy huh! I really don’t know exactly what name of our pizza but its kinda vegetarian. I think its called puki puki pizza. heheheh Naughty name! After dinner, we went back to the hotel to ready our selves for the next day’s trip.

Early in the morning, what we first did was is to roam around the capitol City of Laoag. There were interesting places to see huh! The Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag, The Museo Ilocos Norte where we saw interesting old artifacts, famous people and old living of Ilocos Norte. The Tobacco Monopoly Monument, the capitol and Saint William Cathedral.


In the afternoon, right after lunch, we went to Batac to see the museum of Ferdinand E. Marcos, where his remains are still refrigirated. Sorry guys! no photos inside his mausoleum. After that, we went to the famous Church of Paoay, then the Malacanang of the North then sand dunes of La Paz.


Bonggang Laoag!

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