SM Kultura: A One-Stop Souvenir Shop in Manila

kultura (3)Been traveling and roaming around the Philippines and as much as possible, i would love to buy some souvenir for my self to place I’ve been to. I love collecting native locally made handicrafts. But sometimes the things I wanted to buy would create hassle to my trip. Luggage handling problems.

Here are some luggage and handling problems that usually occurs during your trip.

– the thing you’d like to buy is too big to bring it home.
– too fragile
– too heavy and expensive to bring it home.

Good thing we have lots of kultura souvenir shops near my place. SM’s kultura got the widest collection os souvenir items from different and major parts of the archipelago. From locally handicrafts to souvenir shirts! They also have wide selection of Philippine popular delicacies. Yes it may be a little cosy but at least nakuha mo ang gusto mong bilhin sa mga lugar na napuntahan mo ng hindi ka binigyan ng problema sa bagahe during your trip.

kultura (5)

I was also surprised that hindi lang pala souvenir items ang mabibili sa kultura. They do also have items made from recyclable materials. Bags, desk paraphernalia, fashion accessories and whole lot more. Aside from that, these are made by special charity organizations all throughout the Philippines.

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They call it “Crafts for a Cause” and it began with 16 pioneer foundations manufacturing products showcasing the skills of local artisans as far north as the Cordillera region and as far south as Basilan. And for its third anniversary, it welcomes three new partners – Kamay Crafts Foundation, the Paper for Now Foundation, and the Circle of Friends Foundation.

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Maganda na nga ang nabili mo, nakatulong ka pa. Ang bongga diba?

One Response to “ “SM Kultura: A One-Stop Souvenir Shop in Manila”

  1. Nortehanon says:

    Bongga nga! 🙂

    SM Kultura undoubtedly has a great variety of pasalubong items to choose from. Unfortunately, most of the items there are expensive. So when I’m in Manila and I need to buy pasalubong like native crafts, I go to Quiapo, yung sa ilalim ng tulay. It is a haven for those who are tight on a budget. Or, I go to Dapitan arcade in Manila (near Mayon St.) which has lots of very interesting items 😉

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