KFC’s New Chili Lime Chicken

They say two’s a company and three’s a crowd. But not with KFC. For the first time since the launch of the Original Recipe and Hot and Crispy, KFC introduced Chili Lime, a brand new chicken flavor in the Philippines.

KFC is famous for its great tasting chicken and finger-lickin’ good moments. Building on everyone’s favorite chicken, KFC came out with a bold and unexpected chicken bursting with flavor. KFC combined two familiar flavors, chili and lime, for an unlikely combination that just tastes so good.

The Chili Lime Chicken is marinated in special Chili Lime spices, then breaded and deep-fried for a crispy bite, and finally sprinkled with another dose of Chili Lime flavor.  It’s a fusion of spicy and zesty flavors in one refreshing bite.

The latest innovation from KFC was introduced to the public via a big launch held at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in McKinley Hill Village, Taguig. As a big treat to loyal KFC fans, they were all invited to guess the flavor of KFC by putting their guess as their Facebook

status and tagging KFC Philippines on their Facebook wall. Participants with the most creative answers were invited to take the first bite of the KFC Chili Lime.

Hosted by Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1, media personalities and guests were entertained with games, activities and music while enjoying mouth watering KFC Chili Lime.  It was one fun-filled and refreshing event for all KFC fans.

The KFC Chili Lime will be available in stores starting October 13, but for a limited time only.  Choose between the Original Recipe, Hot & Crispy and Chili Lime Chicken in all your favorite KFC chicken meals at no additional cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to a KFC store near you to try it before it’s gone.

For more information, please visit the KFC Philippines fanpage on www.facebook.com or visit their website at www.kfc.ph


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