Kenny Roger’s New Honey Roast Chicken

I was really excited and we headed at once Kenny’s had something new on their nook! And Yes! there was! Kenny Rogers Roasters just released new bunch of new flavored roasted chicken and sides!

First they had this new Kenny’s Honey Roast Chicken! A juicy roasted chicken infused with honey and maple and tandemed by a perfectly done honey garlic sauce! Yummy right?

You can have these in solo plates, healthy plates or combo meals, same price as the others, and or have them as a whole or a la carte at only P399 bucks!

Not only that! Kenny’s also have some new sides! 4 new side dishes to choose! Perfectly bind to kenny’s roast chickens.

Garlic Parmesan Green Beans is steamed fresh green beans tossed in garlic butter sauce, and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese
Sour Cream and Chives Potatoes are baked marble potatoes coated in sour cream and chives butter mix.

Aglio Olio is perfectly cooked pasta with an olive oil based sauce, with garlic bits and chopped olives lending their distinct flavor.

Turnip Salad – a light salad made with crunchy turnip strips, carrots, cucumber, and red cabbage tossed in a sweet and tart mango dressing – will soon be one of them.

These new side dishes can be ordered can be ordered a la carte in regular or large sizes, or matched with your favorite Solo, Grilled or Healthy Plates and Group Meals.

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