Kenji Tei of BF Paranaque

kenji tei
I notice that I’ve been enjoying and exploring food around my area for the past few months. Last Monday, we decided to try Kenji Tei of BF Paranaque. We’ve been curious of that restaurant because of it small dinning area.

Kenji Tei is great for a small place; with “Modern Zen” design, it’s different from other Japanese restaurants.

I got Beef Gyudon for my self and my pal got Shoyu Ramen since he’s craving for ramen for days. We also got Cheese Gyoza (deep fried gyoza with cream cheese dip). Pretty excited about this because its gonna be our first time to try Gyoza to be dipped into cream cheese!

Beef Gyudon (Beef with Onions)Beef Gyudon
Shoyu Ramen (Soy Based Soup with Chashu Pork)Shoyu Ramen
Cheese Gyoza (Deep Fried Gyoza with Cream Cheese Dip) Cheese Gyoza

I can classify Kenji Tei as a semi-fine dine restaurant. “Semi” because food pricing is kinda expensive (but worth it for the tummy) but the service is pretty fast.

Kenji Tei is located along President’s Avenue, near the old BF Paranaque 7-11, right beside Flawless.

Thanks for Kenji Tei staffs! They gave me a terrific japanese dinner!

Beef Gyudon2


5 Responses to “ “Kenji Tei of BF Paranaque”

  1. ohmski says:

    sarap naman. pics pa lang nakakagutom na.

  2. ken says:

    do they honor credit cards?

  3. eric says:

    at nagutom ako bigla! ahaha

  4. Paula says:

    May mga sushi din? la kasing pics eh 🙂

  5. dax73 says:

    its a ramen house actually but i think they have also kasi meron din silang gyudon and gyoza eh.

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