Jatujak Thai Restaurant and Thai Iced Coffee

I and my partner went to SM the Block to attend an event, but since we got there early, we decided to have late lunch. Presto! Jatujak! It’s been months since we’ve eaten in a Thai resto and I think we were both craving to eat on a Thai food.

What we usually do when we dine in resto is that we don’t really know all about their dish, we just order a dish that somewhat we know like Tom Yam and another unknown dish like Moo Grob to try. Heheh wise right?

Bongga! We were right about the Moo Grob! It’s was so tasty! At first, we were kinda hesitant because of its small serving, but it was really tasty. Moo Grob is a crispy pork and cilantro with some vegetables on the side.

Tom yum and Kao Pad Goong (Shrimp rice) were great also.


Bonggang LASA!

You can try Jatujak at SM The Block in Quezon City.

8 Responses to “ “Jatujak Thai Restaurant and Thai Iced Coffee”

  1. I remember tuloy nung nagpunta kaming Bangkok ni Rors. Super nag-enjoy kami sa food! 😛

    Haven’t tried that resto. Will ask Rors if we can check it out before gym.

  2. DAX says:

    better check that out! sulit ang pera mo dun sa jatujak

  3. maggie says:

    dax, ngayon lang ako napadpad sa site mo. how much naman ang per head, estimates will do. thanks.

  4. DAX says:

    maggie thanks for visiting my space! any way, the
    tom yam cost 195.00 ,
    the moo grob cost 210 plus
    the shrimp rice is 180.00 or 155.00

    so all in all P560.00 divided by 2 dahil dalawa kami pumapatak ng P280.00 per head.

  5. crisendo says:

    have you tried Som’s in rockwell? not particularly in rockwell but outside rockwell near ateneo law… ehheeh its like a turo turo but the food is awesome…

  6. DAX says:

    @crisendo, sige we’ll look for that

  7. Aris Anonas says:

    I’ve been there (Authentic Chatuchak in Bangkok)

    It is like a weekend flea market. I miss that place!!!

  8. Thoughtful and interesting, thank you. I grew up in manilla but moved to australia at such a young age I barely remember anything apart from the delicious food. I finally found some authentic Filipino recipes if you want to take a look, I thought I’d share it with you!

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