How to Wash Hair with Hair Wax fast

Nowadays more people are fond of different hairstyles, and they don’t use gels nor spray net anymore. They use wax or hair wax to make their hair look out of the bed. Yes! wax makes your hair look nice, manageable to styles that you want. But its really hard to wash hair with wax. They normally shampoo their hair over and over just to get rid of it.

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I just learned this trick from a salon whom where i usually have my haircut. What they do is:
1) apply shampoo on dry hair
2) as usual, massage scalp for a minute
3) then rinse thoroughly

voila! there! clean hair in presto! apply conditioner afterward


4 Responses to “ “How to Wash Hair with Hair Wax fast”

  1. Buti nalang girl ako! Hehe!

  2. kuting says:

    thanks for the tip! *wink*

  3. Nicely says:

    wait, medyo naconfuse ako. apply shampoo on dry hair? as in, tuyo? i can’t even imagine. i agree with Rina / Potpot: buti na lang girl ako ♥_♥

  4. DAX says:

    nice! yup as in tuyo ang buhok, just like applying lotion to your skin. massage your scalp para na rin ma spread ang shampoo, then put a little as in little amount of water sa hair enough para ma lather then massage again then rinse!

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