How To Prepare During Rainy or Stormy Months Part 2 of 2

Preparing your home from Acts of God disasters

A bongga home should be always be prepared when calamity strikes. Now here are some things you need to be prepared for when this happens.

The good thing about preparing for a natural disaster is that you can do it rather quickly and economically. To begin with, select a cool, dry place to store supplies.


Water – Your first priority should be water. Purchase containers of water from supermarket, so you won’t have to be concerned about bacteria or other cross contamination.

You should have water good for 3-days for each person in your family. Fit adults require at least one-half gallon of water a day. Children, nursing mothers and sick people will require more water.

Food – Food in your emergency supply kit should be canned or other non-perishables. Food that requires no cooking or have water mixed in it such as granola bars, peanut butter and jelly, canned juice, ready-to-eat meats, vegetables and fruits. And don’t forget the can opener!

First aid kit – Your first aid kid should have these: alcohol, bandages, medicines for cough, cold and body pain, and lastly, antacids.


Candles & Match or lighters, Flashlights – You never know how dark it is without lights until they all go out. Make it a practice to always have flashlight and candles easily accessible in the house. Place it where you can find it easily in the dark.


  • Blankets or comforters
  • Jackets, rain coats and umbrella
  • Battery operated radio, batteries
  • Mosquito repellent
  • If possible, keep a fully charged mobile phone

If you have some more things to include and you think its important to you, bring them along with your emergency pack. Iba na ang laging handa!

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When you’re prepared…
Bongga ka na!

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